Genius Pipe Review

genius pipe

The Genius Pipe is an innovative product that can change the way in which you see smoking. You can forget about bongs, papers and other materials that have been traditionally associated to smoking, because Genius Pipe replaces them with advanced options. Its features are set to impress you and people around the world are raving … Read more

Squonk Mods and Bottom Feeding RDA Squonking Guide


The popularity of squonk mods, also known as bottom feeder mods is growing. For a while, building coils and dripping seemed to lose importance in the vaping industry. However, they are making a come back thanks in great part to squonking. The leading squonk mods and bottom feeding RDAs that have been released over the … Read more

Best Herb Grinders for Vaporizing

Magic-Flight Launch Box Finishing Grinder

A good grinder is an essential part of the vaping experience and this accessory is the ideal companion to your vaporizer. With a grinder, you will be able to break down your dry herbs easily, getting a uniform texture. They are practical and let you enjoy a consistent texture without requiring mixing or stirring. You … Read more

Noisy Cricket Mech Mod & Indestructible RDA Review

The first thing that will captivate you about the Noisy Cricket Mech Mod and Indestructible RDA is their appearance. This powerful combination requires some time to get setup, but as soon as you get it working, it offers amazing performance. Its stylish design, airflow, light hold and impressive cloud production make it worth considering. In … Read more

Pax 2 vs Grasshopper vaporizer comparison

The Pax 2 and the Grasshopper are popular portable vaporizers and here we will compare them. Although they are both very convenient for use on the go, they don’t work in the same way. The Grasshopper is mainly an on-demand convection vaporizer from Hopper Labs. It is the first product from this manufacturer and it … Read more

PUFFiT-X Vaporizer Review

The PuFFiT-X is a portable conduction vaporizer that resembles a medical inhaler and it stands out as the only vaporizer of its kind that uses a force air system. The fan is included in the unit and it reduces the draw resistance significantly, but the downside is that it is very noisy. While the unit … Read more


The PHIX and the JUUL share some similarities, including their appearance and the fact that both spell their names in capital words. While one has been around for years and the other one is relatively new, both pod mods have interesting things to offer. One is cheaper and can be a good solution for people … Read more

Dark Horse RDA review

The Dark Horse RDA has gotten a lot of attention thanks to the fact that it offers additional varieties of airflow options that you won’t find in any other atomizer. The first thing that you will notice when you get the Dark Horse RDA is that it features smooth threads and that it is ready … Read more

MLV Phix Vape Review

MLV Phix Vape

The Phix will impress vapers who have been looking for an elegant, closed loop vape that is focused on simplicity. The Phix allows you to enjoy a stylish vaping experience without having to worry too much about the mess that can be created when you are dealing with e-juice and filling tanks. This device features … Read more