Apollo Endeavor Review

Apollo has earned recognition in the electronic cigarette industry thanks to a great assortment of products including e-cigarettes of different types, clearomizers, mod batteries and e-liquids. The company has presence in the US and the UK, which has allowed them to build a strong following in the United States and Europe. In this review, we will take a look at the Apollo Endeavor Starter Kit to find out its advantages and downsides.

Presentation and Design

The Apollo Endeavor comes in a simple white box with a touch of red and black. It doesn’t capture your attention immediately, but it looks well and reflects the quality and simple elegance that Apollo offers. The kit comes with two Apollo 900mAh luminous batteries, two EVOD dual coil clearomizers, one USB charger, a car charger, a wall adapter and 2 bottles of e-liquid. The e-cigarette weighs around 46g and each clearomizer can hold about 1.6ml of e-liquid. The Apollo Endeavor has a stylish design and features a good looking matte black finish, with a red led and the bottom and a blue led button that match perfectly with the overall appearance.

Battery and Performance

The kit features eGo-T batteries (520 thread) with CE4 clearomizer. The capacity of the battery is 900mAh and the normal working voltage ranges between 3.3V and 4.2V. Depending on usage, the full battery can give you 800 to 1000 puffs. Each clearomizer provides about 400 puffs and the resistance of the CE4 heating coil is 2.0-2.3 ohm. Considering that the Apollo Endeavor is very light and small, the battery life is remarkable. It offers enough power to provide a satisfying amount of vapor. We like the fact that the kit includes a second battery and a good selection of accessories.


As previously mentioned, the kit comes with two bottles of e-liquid and you can select your favorite options from the extensive selection available. Many people prefer to be able to refill the clearomizer as this can save money in the long run. Additionally, it gives you more flexibility as you can get bottles of e-liquid from other manufacturers. Apollo offers a good variety and the quality of its flavors is very high. You can choose from classic tobacco blends, including strong options like American cigar. If you prefer sweet and fruity flavors, you can also find a great selection of options such Candy Cane, Banana Cream, Green Apple and Cherry. They also offer Cappuccino and a mixture of Melon, Cucumber and Mint. The flavors have an enjoyable taste and they have achieved a high standard, particularly with their fruity flavors. All the e-liquids are manufactured in Apollo’s own facilities in the US.


For just $39.95, you can get a kit that includes everything you need to enjoy a great introduction to the vaping world. The kit is perfect for beginners, but will also suit anyone who wants to switch from cigalikes to mini e-cigs. The performance is solid and the vapor production is very good. We were also impressed with the battery life and the design of the Apollo Endeavor. The flavors are fantastic and there is a good selection available. Although the kit doesn’t include spare coils, you can purchase them for a low cost.