eGo-C Twist Review

joyetech-ego-c-twistE-Cig battery prices are not really prohibitive, but it can add up to the cost for regular users along with atomizers, cartomizers or clearomizers, and e-liquids. It pays to know how to extend its life and to pick good value batteries. Check out the Ego-C Twist battery; it may just provide you a smart option to meet your vaping needs, without breaking bank.

For an affordable price, the eGo-C Twist offers variable voltage, but being on a rotating knob, it presents strong advantage on quick adjustment over button presses and LED screens. Newbies can start at the lower settings; strong vapers can reach that “sweet spot” for vapor and flavor by adjusting the voltage to a higher setting, but more importantly, it helps to eliminate bad first time experiences because of having to weak or too strong of a battery and tank combo.


ego-c-sizeThe eGo-C Twist battery is worth the purchase not only based on cost, but also because of the solid construction, performance, compatibility, and ease of use. Reviews from its users have been very positive over time. I often suggest the twist to new vapers. Note that a lot of veterans and heavy vapers have good words about it too as it can stay strong for many hours.

It is almost an inch longer than the original eGo-C battery, but still considered a compact palm-pocket sized device, retaining ease of transport advantages. The larger the capacity, the larger the battery, which is something to consider if what you’re really after is a small sized eGo e-cig. With that said, a small case is all that is required to properly carry a tank or two and any sized battery with you.

Features & Specifications

  • mHa Rating: This battery has 650mAh and 1100mAh size/rating. Certain brands carry as high as 1300mAh.
  • Adjustable Voltage Output: The name (Twist) denotes easy switching between 3.2V to 4.8V. Users can change the voltage by turning the knob at the bottom. This is a great feature considering tanks perform differently at different voltages, and the same can be said of e-liquid flavor.
  • Protection against Short Circuits: The battery automatically shuts down as soon as short circuit is detected and comes back only once the short is removed.
  • The “5 click lock-out:” This feature safely locks and unlocks the battery. All you have to do is to quickly click the button five times before sliding it down your pocket or purse. You know it’s locked as the LED flashes. Unlock by doing the same.
  • Atomizer Timer: Protecting the atomizer/cartomizer is easy with this feature. A long press (about 10 seconds) is all it takes to shut it off.
  • 510 Threaded. This makes it compatible with all eGo Series and eGo 510 cartomizers and atomizers. This means it can be charged with Go Rapid USB Charger.
  • Over-Discharge Protection: LED blinking 5 times would tell the user that the battery needs to be charged. If it is not charged after the signal, it automatically turns off at a certain level and before the battery becomes fully discharged, which is damaging to the battery. This feature protects the battery from being fully drained with its ability to monitor the battery voltage.

The Voltage Twist Cap

EgoC-Twist-cap-knobNot all e-liquids end up having the same optimal voltage, and depending on your tank and atomizer combo, the only way to find the ultimate sweet spot is to play around with the voltage. This is where the eGo-C Twist really shines, because of the ease of tuning with a rotating knob, anyone can quickly tweak it around until that smooth vapor starts pouring in at the perfect temperature, and optimal flavor.

Another last thing I really love about adjustable voltage, is that I can set it low in the morning for example, when I just got up and having breakfast and coffee. While in the evening, my cravings for nicotine require a stronger vape. In the end, I find myself adjusting the Twist much more often than traditional variable voltage devices, just ‘cause it’s there at my fingertips, and I’m lazy.

Battery Life

ego-c-batteriesThe eGo-C Twist battery can let you vape for long hours. The smaller battery with 650mah has a vape time around 6 hours without re-charging while the large ones with 1300 mah (Rainbow) can stay working for about 13 hours. Vaping hours vary depending on the voltage you use; higher voltage can cause it to drain faster than lower voltage, as well as your usage frenquency and vaping style.

If you will use it regularly, avoid fully draining it, keep it protected against abrasion and heat, remove the clearomizer/atomizer/cartomizer when not in use, and unplug it after complete charging, they can last longer.Some users claim that theirs lasted for well over a year with proper use and care. I still have a couple that have been operating since last summer.


This battery is smaller, lighter and classy than some of the more expensive and bigger mods out there. You will love how its sleek size fits your pocket or purse. Fashion forward users, especially women and yuppie vapers, will have a great time flashing a red, pink white or green Ego C Twist at their whim. Men and older users who want the color a bit toned down can go for black, silver, blue and white.

Ego C Twist also charges fast and is easy clean and maintain. It can stay working for a long time depending on your use and care.

If there is one thing that could be improved, is the voltage indicator numbers on the bottom twist cap. They quickly smear off with regular use, and although it’s easy to judge the dial between 3.2 to 4.8 volts, it would be nice to have them engraved.


eGo-c-colorsThe eGo-C Twist is a great battery to add to your collection and adding some variety will improve your experience, but present some important advantages that help to stay away from cigarettes. For one, maintenance is a bummer, so having a few tanks and compatible batteries helps, but if your batteries suck, so does your experience. So, getting something decent to compliment regular e-cigarettes, such as an eGo, provides more value when you buy a worthwhile device. With its variable voltage, you have the convenience you need to have a great vape every time, no matter what tank or e-juice you use, and all that at a very low cost when compared with larger variable powered vaporizers. The eGo-C Twist’s sleek and classy design and colors, and the pocket-friendly size are great extras


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