IPV4S Mod Kit Review

The IPV4s is a ‘sort-of’ new vaping product built on an original design for better temperature control and higher power. The original IPV4 had 100 watts for precision control. The new model gets upgraded to 120 watts and comes with a special new chip that can help really pinpoint temperature control, new charging board, and updated software.

In temperature controlled vaping, when the vaping coil is consistently heated, the amount of vapor stays consistent, and liquid tends to last longer. Some of the best models have nickel and titanium coils with chips that really control the amount of heat generated. The proper use of electrical resistance adds to the precision of these products. All of it supports a better product that is easier to introduce new customers to, and easier to use on a regular basis.


With a textured grip, a stylish compact design, and a durable build, the IPV4S is a quality vaping device. The 510 connection allows for good compatibility. For controls, an inset screen is attractive and easy to read, with large pushbutton controls that are accessible and easy to use. The aluminium body feels light even after inserting the batteries, and the embossed grip feels great on your hand. Overall, it feels great but you shouldn’t jump on it if you already have an IPV4.

There has been important improvements from the previous IPV4 silver unit. One of the main complaints was the tinted screen and weak brightness of the LED display, but with the updated IPV4S model, the brightness is more than adequate, and I suspect the mirrored finish on the glass was the cause. Besides the screen, the device can output 120 watts vs the previous 100 watts with updated software and chip. The 510 connector remained flat and still cannot be adjusted. The micro-usb port is still just for updating software and not charging. The old model had a 9V charging port that was not to be used as it could damage the device. The updated mod no longer has the hole on the outside of the handle, but it still exists under it, plugged up for better safety. I repeat, do not use the 9V charging port under the battery cover. The sliding cover works with small ball–bearings for a better hold. Otherwise, the model looks identical.

More importantly, the charging board has been updated due to the old model having various short circuiting issues, a valid reason not to buy the old model. The new chip with updated software allows for great temperature control dual mode is fully supported. It can now use Titanium wire and go down all the way from 0.05 to 100 joules compared to the old 50. The firmware can also be updated on the original IPV4 and it will be capable of going just as low. The same protection features are found here such as: High temperature protection, reverse polarity protection, low voltage protection, low coil resistance protection and short circuit protection.


  • YiHi SX330-V4S Chip
  • Capable 120 watts
  • Excellent Temperature Control
  • Runs on 2 18650 batteries
  • Watts: 10 w to 120 w
  • Supports 0.10 ohm – 3.0 ohm Atomizers
  • Wire Compatibility: Nickel, Titanium, Kanthal
  • Ball-Bearing Battery Cover
  • 510 spring loaded atomizer connection with flat bottom  (low ported tanks don’t work, not adjustable)
  • Dimensions: 4-1/4″L x 2-1/4″W x 15/16″D
  • USB cable (not for charging, updating software only)


The IPV4S ranks among the top list of vaping machines since the original IPV4 but don’t jump on it if you already own the original. This is not so much a new device, as it is an update of the original that has a few small fixes and tweaks and you can also update to the latest software on the original model. The device is compact but not too small, and feels great, and more importantly it vapes great. But as far as comparing it to the original, it’s no different. 120 watts vs 100 watts, who cares, I’ll never use that much power anyways. Some tanks with bottom airholes will not fit due to the flat 510 connector but otherwise it’s a great mod kit in my books. Let’s not forget that titanium wire is now supported, and you can run up to 100 joules when using Ti. So, if you don’t own the original, yes this is a good buy for a compact, yet super powerful vaping mod kit.