Best E Liquids, Vape Juice and E-Juice

E Liquid, Vape Juice or e juice is what allows electronic cigarettes to be so cost effective while bringing all of the enjoyment factor from delivering variable nicotine volumes as well as an unlimited amount of flavors to choose from. Because E Liquid plays the most important role in satisfaction and enjoyment, it’s important you opt for the best quality e liquids from reputable makers. With the sheer amount of e liquid makers you may encounter in stores and online, feeling like you’re making the right choice can quickly become daunting, but if you stick away from overseas makers and stick to the high standard brands, the choice becomes much smaller while still giving you an immense selection of flavors.

Best E Liquid Brands of 2017

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VaporZone has been a leading driving force in the e-liquid market. They have incredibly high standards when it comes to their manufacturing process and ingredients and we can taste it. They ensure their e juice is devout from any previously found dangerous compounds from cheap product while even offering Kosher grade ingredients in all of their flavors produced. Everything is made in the US at their FDA registered lab with all of their formulas and recipes FDA registered as well. With a choice of 59 flavors and nicotine levels between 0-36mg, they still offer you to create your own custom flavor blends. Choice is incredible and the flavors are very tasty all at an affordable price.



Apollo E-Liquid


Apollo was one of our favorite tested e-cig brands and flavors had lots to do with it. They manufacture high quality e-juice that has a bold taste and delivers nicotine satisfaction very well. Everything is manufactured in California with the safest food ingredients and base. They boast having the best facility and their own ‘flavor guru’ chemists working around the clock. With great quality control you can ensure each bottle will be as good as the last. They offer just under 40 different e-liquid flavors with nicotine volume for 0-24mg at affordable prices. Although it may seem like a small selection, Apollo e-juices are among the boldest and tastiest flavors on the e-cig market today.


Mt Baker Vapor E-Liquid


A favorite for so many is Mt Baker Vapor. Also producing all high quality e-liquids in the USA and offering a huge variety of anywhere from 150 to 200 flavors that get updated every single day! Now that’s something unique. Additionally, although some flavors are pre-set, juices can be customized to contain different mixtures of PG and VG, allowing you to have a maximum VG base if you wanted to and also allow you to create your own flavors. You can even take DIY a step forward and mix flavors and DIY ingredients offered. The downside to Mt Baker Vapor, is that it can get a bit confusing on your first visit. They have E Juices and E Liquid Flavors, both essentially are the same, but you can only change the PG/VG base on the E Juice selections. The regular pre-set flavors are PG based but overall, they have an immense choice of quality flavors that will certainly satisfy all tastes.


Virgin Vapor E-Liquid


Virgin Vapor offers Organic gourmet flavors. Being one of the only fully organic brands available, they make a popular choice for its niche market. With a huge selection of flavors, you can spend hours just going through them and contemplating which ones you want. Nicotine strength can be adjusted from 0-24mg and you can go 100% VG or 50% VG/50% PG. This is a rare option, as almost every e-juice offered with VG base always contains some PG. Virgin Vapor is perfect for those who need or what 100% VG, nothing but quality organic ingredients, without sacrificing choice. Surprisingly, the prices are just as competitive as leading e-liquid makers, making Virgin Vapor a great choice for everyone.


Halo Cigs E-Liquid


Halo Cigs has grown to be one of the top e-cig brands and have kept gaining popularity, making them a top choice this year. Halo is very well known for their unique flavor choices and high manufacturing standards. Also made in the US, all the ingredients are FDA approved while sticking to the safest production methods. The quality is almost second to none and although they offer a smaller selection of 23 flavors, the taste is something different than most and delivers a stronger than average throat hit, making it a popular choice among heavier smokers. Nicotine volume is offered between 0-24g at very affordable priced bottles.


NicQuid E-Liquid


NicQuid was a new discovery for up but a pleasantly and surprisingly good one. NicQuid is a dedicated e-liquid maker that has worked hard to each individual flavor to inch closer to perfection as much as possible. They also pride themselves on quality of ingredients and all made in the US, they are registered as a Charter Member of the American E Liquid Manufacturing Standards (AEMSA). You can rest assured they have a top shelf laboratory with some of the best quality control standards in the industry. As far as their 37 or so flavors, don’t let that number deter you, because they are part of the boldest yummiest flavors we ever had. The work and dedication NicQuid has put into their e-liquids shines through and offered at very competitive prices.


Crystal Canyon Vapes E-Liquid

Crystal Canyon Vapes is a smaller e-juice maker that also took the quality approach. Instead of concentrating on high volume sales, they wish to provide you the purest e-liquid possible. To do so, the Arizona based company focuses on high quality ingredients and processes to create their flavors. All ingredients used are from the US, and free of added food colorings, flavor enhancers, fragrances or any type of chemicals. This is a very nice detail, ensuring you always get a pure e-juice devout of any impurities. With a large selection of just under 50 flavors in either 70% PG/30% VG or 50/%) and nicotine strength of your choice, they also make a fine choice when looking for new flavors.



Although MadVapes is not a maker of e-liquid, they are one of our favorite distributors. For starters, if you are looking for the best personal vaporizer mods of 2014, they have an up to date inventory of all the best devices. They also distribute e-juice for TopVapor and Lion Head who both offer a good selection of e-liquid flavors. The site is easy to use and allows you to shop by brand, flavors, PG or VG based, as well as offering a variety of DIY items such as droppers and bottles. MadVapes provides great customer service and are worth checking out.

Picking Your Flavors

When it comes to choice, you won’t be lacking. E liquid bottles are offered in flavors ranging from tobacco like or cigar like types that even include tribute replicas to real brands. Luckily, you get to move away from tobacco and opt for much tastier flavors from menthol to all the fruits under the sun from cherry to more exotic choices like passion fruit and mango. E juices have gone further than offering simple vanilla or chocolate flavors and have ventured into coffee, various sweets, desserts and cocktails like mojitos and daiquiris. You can even find hookah inspired flavors. The choice is virtually endless and while you may need to try a few, you will always find e juices that you will love.

Picking Your Nicotine Strength

Nicotine volume is another important factor when purchasing e liquid. Many different concentrations are offered to fit everyone’s taste and needs. If you are wanting to quit and move away from smoking or nicotine, you would benefit from starting at a higher volume and gradually decreasing nicotine levels until you get to 0%. Some also use no nicotine e juice to vape without increasing nicotine intake. The 24mg level or 2.4%, is approximately what a pack of 25 cigarettes would deliver, but you must keep in mind that e-cigarettes deliver nicotine differently and intake is slower. It is usually best to start a couple of choices between higher and mid-range nicotine volume to try and find one you enjoy. Standard strengths vary from 0.4% to 36% or 4mg to 36mg while always offering a no nicotine option.

Picking Your Base – Vegetable Glycerine vs. Propylene Glycol

VG and PG is what you often see when on the topic of e liquids. Most brands use a combination of both while some offer 100% VG or 100% PG. Both vegetable glycerine and propylene glycol take the role of the humectant base that vaporizes and creates the visible vapor. There are some differences between both;

Vegetable Glycerine
• Considered safer than PG
• Has a softer throat hit
• Creates more visible, thick vapor
• Has a sweet taste – can be a plus or negative

Propylene Glycol
• Approx. 1% of people are allergic to PG
• Has a harder throat hit
• Creates less visible vapor
• Requires less heat
• Tasteless
• Although FDA approved, safety of PG is still debated

Since VG produces more visible thick vapor and PG a stronger throat hit, a mix of the two is a very popular choice available. Organic products will stick to VG only and some health critics say PG may be harmful. It also becomes a question of taste but VG only based e liquids are very good even without the throat hit that can be often be too harsh for many.

Pre-Filled Cartridges vs. Re-Fill E Liquid Bottles

Pre-filled cartridges require no maintenance, you use them and dispose or recycle them. Many brands offer rewards for recycling your cartridges which is cool, but overall they are less economical than opting for re-filling systems for your e liquid. Additionally, they usually do not taste as boldly and both taste and nicotine delivery drops variably from brand to brand, especially after the first 50% of usage. Top brands offer good cartridges and economical prices, but if you want to step it up and try a much larger selection of flavors, e liquid bottles is the way to go.

Re-Fillable options will allow you to buy e liquid bottles that bring the cost of e-cigs down even further. You have the choice of using blank cartridges or re-fillable mini tanks that fit standard e-cig batteries. The cartridges end up adding to cost and waste, while re-fillable tanks are much more economical but required maintenance. You need to quickly wash and dry them when changing flavors but also for keeping them clean and optimal. Mini tanks are cheap and you can afford to have more than one, but many vendors also offer replacement one-piece atomizers and wicks, allowing you to keep your tank for a long time.

Most first time buyers will opt for the convenience of pre-filled cartridges, sometimes called ‘cartomizers’. Starter kits include pre-filled cartridges and since it is always most cost effective to buy a starter kit, it makes sense that you would try them out first. Some kits are specially offered as re-fillable options with an e-liquid bottle coupled with blank cartridges or mini tanks.