Kanger Protank 3 Overview

Kangertech is known for creating edgy products that will please beginners as well as experienced vapers. The Chinese manufacturer has left its mark on the market with innovative tanks and clearomizers that offer impressive performance. Their sub ohm tank, known as the subtank has quickly become a favorite in the vaping industry. One of the most popular options created by Kangertech is the Protank 3. This clearomizer has a bottom dual coil that can be replaced. It works better than its predecessor, the Protank 2 and it comes with new and enhanced bottom dual coils. We’ll find out more about the Protank 3 in this review.


The kit includes one Protank 3 and you can choose between a variety of glass color options including Red, Blue, Purple and Smoke. There is also a Protank 3 Base that can only be used with Pro Tank 3 dual coils. You also get 2 Protank 3 coils, one eGo Trim Ring and one 510 drip tip. Everything comes in a great looking slide out gift box. The Protank 3 stands out for its traceable atomizer heads and the new dual coil offers improved performance. You can remove and replace the Pyrex Glass Tank, which ensures that tick liquids are not degraded. The tank can hold up to 2.5 ml of e-liquid and it is free form glue. In terms of resistance, the Protank 3 offers 1.8 to 2.2 Ohm and voltage of 3.2 to 6.0V. The drip tip can be removed and the Protank 3 is 510 threaded.

The main difference between the Protank 3 and the Protank 2 is that the first one introduces new dual coils atomizers, that are not compatible with the latter. In the same way, the coils for the Protank 2 can’t be used on the Protank 3. The new bottom dual coils are much better than the previous ones since they can offer greater vapor production and can also last longer. The new version of the Protank comes with a 510 connection, meaning that it can be used on 510 threaded MODs/APVs without requiring an adapter. It is possible to put the tank apart and you can replace the glass tank. Many users will love the fact that the tank doesn’t have any glue.

The Protank 3 brings a significant improvement over the older versions of the device: the Protank 1 and the Protank 2. The new dual coil atomizers really make a difference and the 510 connection is fantastic and allows you to fit the device onto 510 threaded mods and apvs without hassle. The vaping experience with the Protank 3 is quite satisfactory, without being to intense or subtle. You get better air flow since the Protank 3 is a bit loose on the batteries and allows more flexibility. You can enjoy fantastic vapor production, as well as enjoyable flavor, although many users may find it disappointing when compared to the Kanger Aerotank. Still, the Protank 3 offers good performance and it is also very affordable.


With the Protank 3, Kangertech has addressed some issues on the Protank 1 and Protank 2, delivering a solid clearomizer that works well and that is available for a lower price than other devices such as the Aero Tank. The Protank 3 is ideal for beginners and users who want a cheap, yet top performing solution. It is resistant, easy to use and would be a great option for anyone who is looking for a glassomizer style device that won’t break the bank. It has a simple, yet appealing design and it produces a lot of vapor.