Squonk Mods and Bottom Feeding RDA Squonking Guide

The popularity of squonk mods, also known as bottom feeder mods is growing. For a while, building coils and dripping seemed to lose importance in the vaping industry. However, they are making a come back thanks in great part to squonking. The leading squonk mods and bottom feeding RDAs that have been released over the last years, have helped to make dripping relevant again. A squonker setup removes the need to drip vape liquid manually onto the atomizer. You just need to squeeze the squonker and that is all, you will be ready to vape in just a little while.

What is a squonk mod?

Squonk mods are also known as squonkers and they feature batteries and a squonk bottle, which is a reservoir of e-juice. Another name for a squonk mod is feeder mod. The e-liquid reservoir is a pliable plastic or silicon that you can squeeze to get the liquid in to the base of the atomizer to ensure that the wick is saturated. If you are into dripping if you like to build your own atomizer coils, squonk mods are ideal for you.

In simple terms, a squonk mod facilitates dripping. If dripping is your preferred vaping style, you have to manually drip e-liquid into your atomizer coils to be able to vape. Whenever you want to add e-liquid, you need to take off the top cap of the RDA, pull out the vape juice bottle and add a few drops onto the wick and coils. Then you would have to replace the cap before you start vaping. People who enjoy dripping are known as drippers and as you can see, the process needed to vape this way, can be a bit of a hassle and would have to be repeated regularly.

Using a squonk bottom feeding mod, save you the hassle of having to manually drip e-liquid onto the atomizer and wick all the time. All you need to do is to squeeze the squonk bottle and the e-liquid will get into the base of the RDA from the squonk bottle, which will immediately saturate the wick and coil. Once the pressure is released, the excess liquid is drawn back into the bottle.

How did Squonking started?

In 2009, the first squonk mod was launched and while it wasn’t a hit, it inspired later designs. Squonking is not a popular vaping style, but it has many followers, particularly among advanced vapers. In recent years, manufacturers and vapers have left dripping and squonk mods behind. Only dedicated vapers focused on coil building and dripping styles. However, thanks to the release of modern and responsive squonk mods, dripping and coil building are gaining recognition and becoming more visible. There are many squinking devices that offer amazing quality. RDA manufacturers are even adding squonk pins to ensure that their products can be used with bottom feeding mods. Squonking may not be yet a mainstream vaping style, but the best squonk mods are helping vapers to rediscover this style.

Bottom Feeding RDAs

Squonk mod users need a bottom feeding RDA that works with their device. It is known as a bottom feeder since the vape juice is pumped into the RDA from the bottom to ensure that the wick is saturated. The purpose is to ensure that the wick remains wet, without having to drip e-liquid manually onto the atomizer coil. The majority of the best RDAs available on the market are premodified to ensure their compatibility with squonk mods. Bottom feeding RDAs usually have a hollow 510 connection that lets e-liquid get pumped into the RDA to saturate the wick. The air pressure in the pump then retracts any excess vape liquids back into the reservoir.

It is advisable that you opt for stainless steel hollow 510 pin when getting a bottom feeding RDA. This is because unlike other metals, stainless steel won’t allow trace metal particles to get into the e-liquid. It is possible to buy a conversion kit to turn any RDA into a bottom feeder. In this case, it is crucial that you go for a stainless steel 510 pin. It is important that bottom feeding squonks get a top airflow and not bottom airflow since bottom airflow RDAs may present leakage if they are turned into a squonker.

Best Squonk Mods

If you would like to try squonk mods, or want to find a better option than the one you are currently using, we recommend the below options that offer amazing quality. You will find complete kits, which are practical for those who want to give squonking a try. We have also included top bottom feeders that you can use with you RDA, as long as it supports squonks.

Sigelei Fuchai Squonk 213 Kit

The Sigelei Fuchai Squonk 213 Kit is another excellent choice that includes everything that you need to discover squonking. One of the advantages of the Sigelei squonk mod is that apart from working with a 18650 battery, it can also support a larger capacity 20700 and 21700 vape batteries. This gives you the chance to vape for longer since a single 18650 vape battery (which is what many compact squonk mods use), is likely to last less.

The Fuchai Squonk 213 mod is a regulated mod that can reach up to 150 watts with a 21700 battery. It also offers temperature control mode for Titanium, Nickel and Stainless Steel coil wire. The mod comes with a bright and beautiful OLED screen on which you can read data easily. The kit includes the Fuchai RDA, which is a basic bottom feeding RDA that you can build on easily. You will experience great flavor and vapor.

Geekvape Athena Squonk Mod Kit

This is a complete kit that features a bottom-feeding RDA and the mod uses one powered unregulated mod powered with a 18650 battery. The Athena stands out thanks to its stunning and smart design, which makes it worth of bearing the name of the goddess it’s inspired on. You can easily use it and it is also quite comfortable. Thanks to the holes in the side panels, you can easily squeeze the squonk bottle and pump up some vape juice. The RDA works with 510 and 810 drip tips and it is a top airflow atomizer. You will enjoy building on the dual coil build deck, even if you don’t have previous experience.

While this is a dripper RDA, thanks to the silicon seals at the base, the small e-liquid reservoir maintains the coil saturated for an extended period of time. Overall, the Athena is a great introduction to squonking and the sealed base helps to avoid leaks. The full kit comes with the Athena Squonk Mod, the Athena Bottom Feeder RDA, two 6.5 ml Squonk bottles, as well as tools and accessories.

Vandy Vape Pulse BF Bottom Feeder Mod

The Vandy Vape Pulse BF is an unregulated squonker that offers great quality and you can get it for a convenient price. The design may be fairly simple, but its features will amaze you, particularly when you consider how cheap it is. You will be able to use 18650 and 20700 batteries. The lightweight design and the responsive performance are other highlights. Thanks to Vandy’s Intelligent Fire Button, there are no lags. The device also has a locking feature and its silicon squonk bottle can hold up to 8ml. It works with all 510 bottom feeding RDAs. This is an ideal choice for those who want an affordable solution that is lightweight and easy to use.

iJoy Capo Squonk Mod

This is a regulated mod that works with 18650, 20700 and 21700 batteries. The Capo can reach up to 100 watts of power with the 21700 batteries. It is a compact device with rounded corners and you can hold it easily. Thanks to its textured design, it is easy to hold and to use. In addition, you can easily adjust the settings with the large dial that is placed on the top of the mod. You will be able to read the screen easily.

The Capo uses an IWEPAL chip that provides an efficient vaping experience. In addition, the extra large 9ml e-juice capacity food-grade silicon bottle can hold up to 9ml. The fire button on the Capo bottom feeder looks good and while it is big, it is not uncomfortable. You can easily access the battery and the squonk bottle. Another amazing device that deserves to be considered.

Lost Vape Therion BF DNA 75C Squonker TC

This is a DNA squonk mod that works with a single 18650 battery. In case you don’t know it, it is worth mentioning that DNA chips are made by Evolv. This US technology has become the leading solution in the industry. In terms of design, the Therion BF DNA 75C offers the same appearance and design as the Lost Vape Therion DNA 75 mods and it is also a 75 watt device.

Although this squonker doesn’t come with an RDA, it gives you the chance to get the most out of your RDAs with a maximum diameter of 25mm. The 75C is Evolv’s latest solution and it offers a high percentage of efficiency. You will also be impressed by the beautiful and easy to read OLED screen. This is an option that allows you to enjoy the seamless, smooth experience of vaping a DNA device. Its squonk bottle has a capacity of 8ml. It is definetely one of the best options out there.

Squonking related terms

  • Squonking – Vaping style involving a squonking device
  • Squonker – This refers to a vaper or a device that uses squonk mod and atomizer
  • Squink Mod – Vaping device that includes a squonk bottle that feeds e-liquid to an atomizer
  • Bottom Feeder Mod – An alternative way to refer to a squonking mod
  • RDA – Rebuildable drip atomizer that is used by drippers
  • Bottom Feeding RDA – This is an RDA modified so that the base can be flooded by vape juice pumped in when squonking.
  • BF RDA – Bottom feeding RDA
  • Squonk Pin – Hollow 510 pin on an RDA that allows e-juice to flood into the base to ensure that wick and coil are saturated.
  • Squonk Bottle – This is the bottle within the squonk mod. It can be squeezed and it holds the e-liquid that is pumped up into the RDA.