Gamucci Review

Gamucci is one of the first e-cig makers from Europe. Founded by Taz and Umer Sheikh in 2007, this brand has grown distribution to the international level. They don’t offer a very extensive line of products, limited to a  small 1 battery USB kit, a Micro Deluxe 2 battery e-cigarette kit, and a Vitesse starter kit featuring an ego electronic cigarette.

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gamucci_vitesse_350x520_3The Vitesse Ego e-cigarette features a brushed aluminum finish with the brand name engraved on it, and a clearomizer with two replacement coils. The battery is rather standard at 400mAh, with coil operation at 1.7 – 1.9 Ohms. The ego has a slim profile of 11.5mm and 151mm in total length.

The clearomizer remains the same thickness, giving a nice look to the device, and although it looks big due to length, it probably does not hold much. Unfortunately, I was unable to find that detail anywhere on the website.

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The most popular kit from Gamucci remains their smaller e-cigarette kit. The USB kit only includes a battery and charger, so most buyers end up opting for complete Deluxe kit, as it offers better value.


The Micro Deluxe Starter kit includes Batteries x2, USB charger, wall charger, cartridges x4, carry case and user’s manual, and is their best seller, while the

Battery Performance

The Deluxe Starter Kit comes with two batteries. They are delivered fully charged so you can use it right out of the box. Each battery has a capacity of 240 mAh, and they’re said to have a life time of about 300+ puffs, after one week of testing, very satisfactory, doesn’t last that long, but comparable to other competing brands.

The battery life will of course depend on your smoking pattern, but due to how the Gamucci e-cigarette is designed to look like a real tobacco cigarette, its capacity is basically limited. For instance, a fully charged battery can last you for about half a day, which in my opinion is quite reasonable.

Gamucci’s Batteries currently cost about £ 7.99.


Gamucci did good on cartridge and battery combo, they prime well and vapor production is satisfactory. I would not say it is the best that I have used, but I certainly seen plenty worse. The vapor gets delivered consistently, and to me, that’s what most importantly differentiates a good electronic cigarette from a disappointing one.

The batteries fire right up when you inhale, and the cartridge quality was not half bad either. They have grown a larger selection of flavors, and while I did not try many to judge, many looked like your standard tasty favorites.

Currently a pack of three Gamucci cartridges costs about £6.99.


Gamucci offers a decent variety of flavors; Tobacco, Menthol, Apple, Cherry, Coffee, Grape, Vanilla, Cola. Flavor is generally a personal choice to make, try them and see what fits you best.

Except for the Menthol and Tobacco, all other flavors are available with 1.6% nicotine strength. Menthol is available in 2 strengths, 1.6% and 2.2%, and Tobacco comes in all five nicotine strengths.

The flavor that comes with the Micro Deluxe Starter kit is the brand’s Regular Tobacco Flavor, which has nicotine strength of 16 mg- 1.6%.


Gamucci was not a name I was familiar with, and being in North America, you didn’t see them available everywhere, but I quickly started spotting them on shelves as time passed, so I decided to order the kit. I wouldn’t say they blew my socks off, but I was honestly expecting a lesser-quality e-cigarette than what I got. The vapor delivery is on point and consistent, something that is not found with every e-cigarette/cartridge traditional devices. I can’t say the same for the Vitesse Ego, but do expect a future review. For for someone looking for simplicity and quality, the Gamucci deluxe starter kit is a good place to start.