SMOK Stick One Basic Kit Review

The SMOK Stick One is the first all-in-one starter kit offered by SMOK. There are two different versions: Basic and Plus. Over the last few years, all-in-one kits have become very popular. eGO kits have become the preferred option for new vapers and the latest versions of these all-in-one kits come with higher power, advanced non-replaceble batteries that range between 1300 and 2600mAH and micro USB jacks for recharging. There are also micro-USB charging cords with a micro or Nano tank and replacable heads with a tank capacity that is generally 2 or 2.5ml. In general, the tanks are sub-ohm and provide better performance than low-wattage clearmoizers that were used previous to this technology.
The SMOK Stick One Basic kit offers an eGo Cloud 220mAh battery, while the Plus kit comes with an eGo Cloud Plus 2000mAh battery. In this review, we will discover more about the Stcik


As previously mentioned, the Basic kit comes with an eGo Cloud battery that offers 2200mAh. It also features a Nano TFV4 Tank with a capacity of 2ml. You also get one SMOK Vape band, one 0.3ohm Micro Fused Clapton Dual Core, one 0.25ohm Micro Fused Clapton Dual Core, one Silicone Tank Dust Cap and one MicroUSB Charger, along with spare parts and an instruction manual. The orating voltage ranges between 3.4 and 4.2V and it also has a direct voltage output system. The direct voltage output system, the single button operation and the intelligent battery life indicator are other features that you get with the SMOK Stick One.

It is also worth noting that the top-fill design with hinge lock makes things simple when you need to add more e-juice. At Base, there is a quad adjustable airflow control and it also has a double-layered barrel drip tip. There are interchangeable coil heads, 3ohm Micro CLP2 coil head, 25ohm Micro STC2 coil head and different levels of protections. There is an 8 seconds protection, as well as low resistance protection, short circuit protection and low voltage protection. The MicroUSB charging port supports passthrough capability so you can vape while the device is charging.

The two kits come with the TFV4 Nano Tank created by SMOK, as well as two micro-heads. The TFV4 is one of the best sub-ohm tanks available and it delivers outstanding performance. Making the switch from smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes to vaping can be easier when you start with the right device. If you use a powerful and convenient solution like the Nano TFV4, your experience can be considerably better. The new vaping technology that you can get in the market is remarkable and it is likely to help people to move away from tobacco products in an easier way. Now, when it comes to price, the two SMOK started kits can be found for less than $50. The prices start at around $28 to $30 and the cost will depend on where you purchase the product, but overall, the price is affordable considering the advanced technology in offer.


The SMOK Stick One features an 18650 battery that can go up to 0.1 ohms. Thanks to the TFV4 Nano Tank, you can get amazing clouds and intense flavor, even when you are vaping at low wattages. It works better in that sense than the larger TFV4 tanks, which need higher wattage to deliver the same results. As long as you pair the SMOK Stick One with the right coils, you should be able to enjoy a satisfactory experience. The sub-ohm coils that are offered as part of the kit are ideal for the Stick One/TFV4 Nano and while you can try other options, it is advisable to stick to the coils provided as they offer the right amount of voltage.

One thing to consider is that the TFV4 tank can get extremely hot, which may cause safety concerns in some cases. It is not recommended to try chain-vaping because it tends to get uncomfortably hot, even when you vape at a moderate pace. The issue is related to the small size of the TFV4 Nano Tank and unfortunately, you would experience the same, even with a different battery. If you are a fan of chain-vaping, the Smoke Stick One may not be the right option for you. Still, it could work well if you only use it as an alternative device. It should also be noted that while the flavor is enjoyable, the SMOK Stick One provides better results in terms of vapor production. If you are used to tanks that provide a powerful flavor experience, the TFV4 Nano tank may disappoint you.


You can get the SMOK Stick One kit for a convenient price, particularly if you purchase it online. Thanks to the 2200 mAh battery, you can vape for longer and enjoy great vapor production. The top-fill on TFV4 Nano Tank makes things easy when you need to refill the device. However, the tank tends to get very hot and the flavor is not exactly impressive. You would need to vape at a slow pace to avoid unbearably high temperatures. Overall the kit is a decent option for beginners, but in spite of the powerful TFV4 Nano tank, there are some flaws that mean that the SMOK Stick One is not the right option for advanced or chain-vaping users.