Kanger Subvod starter kit review

Although mods, sub-ohm and customized vapor options have become more popular in the last few years, they are still challenging for those who are just getting started in the world of vaping. Most users are still using refillable wells to closed system cartridges. In the meantime, those who have been vaping for longer have switched to mods and customizable solutions that offer a more unique vaping experience. Kangertech has noticed a gap in the market and it is aiming to help beginners to discover the advantages of sub-ohm vaping.

Previously, Kangertech offered a vape pen known as Evod, which was available as a starter kit that offers fixed voltage vaping. Now, Kanger is taking things to the next level with the Subvod starter kit, which is set to be the perfect way to allow new vapers to enjoy sub-ohm vaping. Although starter kits can be disappointing and not truly effective in many cases, Kanger is showing that things can be different. The manufacturer delivers great quality and its Subvod is an option that deserves to be taken into consideration.

What do you get when you buy the Kanger Subvod?

The contents are crucial when it comes to defining how good a starter kit really is. The Kanger Subvod starter kit causes a great first impression with its stylish packaging, but what really counts is the great list of contents available. You get pretty much everything needed to enjoy your vaping. The only thing missing is the e-juice, but apart from that, you get all the elements needed to start using the device.

You even get the instructions to learn how to use the Subvod easily right from the beginning. The kit includes the Kanger Subtank Nano-S tank and it is possible to fill it from the bottom or top. It also comes with a .5 ohm coil that is made of long-lasting stainless steel. You also get an additional glass tank and a 1300 mAh battery that gives you the power needed. Keep in mind that there are two versions of the kit, one has a 1.9 ml tank and the other one has 3.1 ml.


Performance is a crucial factor when it comes to choosing a vaping device. The Kanger Subvod starter kit meets the expectations and it delivers fantastic flavor, as well as an impressive vapor production. It is the ideal solution for anyone who is looking for a sub-ohm vaporizer that is easy to use and that offers amazing clouds of vapor. Although consistency can be a problem in some cases, Kanger is designed to avoid the issues. It offers 3.7 volts of power in a fixed-rate manner that can ensure consistent current so you will get the same rate of power, regardless of how much battery is left.

The battery can last through the whole day so you can easily use the vaporizer when you are on the go, without having to charge too often. The Subvod also features adjustable features that allow you to switch between mouth inhalations and direct lung hits. You just need to open or close the airflow to the best specification. You can also have greater control over the flavor that you get and the vapor production. If you limit the airflow, the vapor is reduced and the flavor increased. You can open up the amount of airflow produced to get greater vapor volume and less flavor.


Apart from being easy to use for beginners, it can be easily refilled. You can get the coil design to get greater vapor volume and flavor. The device can be charged very quickly and it is available for a reasonable price. It can also suit any vaping requirements. Since it works as a sub-ohm vape pen, it may burn through e-juice faster than coil models that are more resistant. The main downside is that the customization options are limited, which would be disappointing for experienced users who want to personalize their experience. However, the Subvod is ideal for users who are just getting started.