V2 Cigs EX Blank Tank Cartridges Review – E-Liquid & Wax

V2 Cigs has been eager to please the vaping community, and developed some cutting edge vaporizers in the process. For a while, they have also been selling ecig sized re-fillable cartridge tanks, as opposed to only having closed disposable plastic cartomizers compatible with small electronic cigarettes.

They are not the first to do it, and I think one of the reasons Halo Cigs remained very popular, was for having these types of thanks from the start. I still use mine for a few good reasons. For one, I happen to prefer a lighter vaporizer. Bigger PVs, or personal vaporizers tend to give me a sore throat, even when left at low settings. Second, the compact size is unbeatable. Having the power to carry a few batteries as if nothing was on me, yet having hybrid capabilities or re-filling my tank cartridges and carrying around more than one flavor is perfect for my needs.

I still use personal vaporizers, but when I start feeling the vapor getting heavy on me, I can switch to my trusty e-cigarette without having to go without nicotine when I need it most. So, when V2 Cigs released their own blank cartridge tanks to fit e-cig batteries, I jumped on the occasion.

While it’s true that the current craze in the vapor business is all about powerful vaporizers with massive tanks, many vapers are looking for something less conspicuous. E-Go ecigs often fit the bill, but the first model to dominate sales was the cigarette lookalike compact battery sized vaporizer.

However, disposable cartridges failed to deliver the same quality re-fillable tanks did. Many vapers moved on from smaller batteries to bigger, longer lasting ones, not only for the power, but for longer battery life, which also can be noted as a caveat to sticking with the smaller ecigs, but not a problem if you don’t mind carrying a spare or too.

Difference between V2 Blank Cartridges and V2 EX Blanks

For anyone familiar with older V2 products, blank cartridges had been offered for a long time now, but instead of a cartridge tank, it was the same as disposable closed cartomizer tanks. These cartomizer tanks hold the liquid using an absorbent filler material usually made of cotton-fibers. To fill them up, you need to slowly drop about 15-20 drops into them and close the cap. They don’t last long and I often made a mess trying to use them.

EX Blanks are cartridge tanks similar to what you use on an e-go or personal vaporizer. A cylindrical casing with the atomizer straight in the middle utilizing a wick to transfer the e-liquid. Re-filling is much easier, and once seasoned, making messes will be a thing of the past

EX-Catridge-EliquidThe Advantages of Re-Fillable E-Cig Cartridge Tank Systems

With time, more makers adopted these hybrid models offering black cartridge tanks to provide the best of both worlds. Now you can re-use and re-fill similar compact tanks to fit compact ecigarette batteries. I find the vape to be much smoother, and less disruptive to the e-liquid flavor. Less heat often produces better, stronger flavor, while some of my ejuice gives me an aftertaste of cough syrup when vaporized in a higher voltage cartomizer tank. I highly suggest to test this out for yourself, but this is merely a comparison of two re-fillable tank sizes, not why re-fillable tanks are better.

Beyond providing better practicality than comparable re-fillable disposable cartridges, they also have a notable performance difference. I believe it lies on the atomizer and wick system versus a cotton-fiber absorbent filler, that is unlikely to give an even delivery.

EX-Cartirdge-WaxV2 Cigs Even Offers Cartridges for Wax Concentrates

If you happen to enjoy vaping on the waxy-icky stuff, V2 EX Blanks come both for E-Liquid and Wax use. The design for both is essentially very different, but the cost of the wax cartridges only comes it at $5 more. Both models are very affordable, coming it at less than $7 each. Aluminum and rubber drip tips are also available.

Unfortunately, I don’t smoke dabs, wax, concentrates, so I never bough this to test it out. However, judging on customer reviews, V2 Cigs is starting to gain some customer fan base on the wax and herbal smokers looking for vaporizers. The V2 Pro line caters to all audiences, as each device also offers herbal and wax specific catridge tanks.

V2_Electronic_Cigarettes_Standard_E-Liquid_Starter_KitV2 Standard E-Liquid Kit w/ EX Blank Catridges

For those of you whom have yet to experience a hybrid e-cig, the V2 Cigs Standard E-Liquid Starter Kit includes the sought after EX Blank Cartridges.

The kit features a total of 50 ml of V2 Platinum E-Liquid, and 2 ‘Standard’ batteries, while EX batteries exist and provide a longer cycle, they can always be purchased much later as an upgrade once the originals start to fail. A wall and usb charger, along with 3 EX Blank cartridges to complete the kit.Each tank contains 1ml of eliquid, which is the equivalent amount found in a typical ecig refill cartridge. It is sufficient enough to produce about 200 puffs. The kit includes two bottles with 25 ml of eliquid each. Compared to other pre-filled ecig refill cartridges containing about 1 ml of eliquid, the V2 kit offers more value.

With V2 eLiquid, you can be sure you’re vaping eJuice that complied with blending standards and produced in state-of-the-art V2 laboratory. There are five different nicotine levels, such as 0 mg, 0.6 mg, 1.2 mg, 1.8 mg, and 2.4 mg. Regardless of level, the V2 Platinum eLiquids passed the meticulous process observed by trained chemists to produce the right flavor and vapor to satisfy all types of vapers.


V2 Tank Hybrid: Heart of the Standard eLiquid Vape Kit

The V2 EX blanks elevate the vaporizer to the category of hybrid cigarettes. In standard function, the V2 batteries are compatible with any V2’s pre-filled cartridges. Due to precise engineering, expect the same with the V2 EX blanks to work without any issues with the batteries.

The EX tank’s atomizer is designed to a tee with the battery’s 4.2 v output. With that in mind, make sure to fill up the EX tank to optimize its overall life span of about 10 refills. It means the capacity of the hybrid tank is the same as 10 ecig refill cartridges. Apart from the huge savings, the main advantage is that the wick that saturates liquid in the mini tank is directly attached to the atomizer unlike other ecig refill cartridges where the eliquid is soaked in absorbent filler cotton. It means more vapor and flavor due to even eliquid exposure to heat.


The main reason I wanted to add a review to this not so new product, is because of the challenges I faced finding a balanced vaporizer for myself. The PVs we’re often too strong, e-gos have been a much better fit, but there was something else. As I pointed out earlier, flavor from e-liquids differ from tank to tank, battery to battery. The more power I give it, the more it seems to ruin the taste for me. My favorite flavor is straight Guava, and the only way it essentially tastes right, is when I am using a small e-cig and tank hybrid combo. Try it out for yourself and share your experience.