Best Dab Pens 2018

Dab Pens, also known as wax pens are devices that allow you to vape concentrates and thanks to their discrete design and portability, they are ideal for use on the go. These vaporizer pens come with atomizers, coils for heating the material and mouthpieces that allow you to inhale to get the vapor. It is possible to find dab pens in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. They are versatile and convenient options that have become very popular. It is worth mentioning that a dab or concentrate is very strong when you vape it. If you are a beginner, it is advisable to start slowly.

There are vaporizer pens that can be used to vaporize a wide range of materials including e-liquids and dry herbs. When using one of these hybrid vaporizer pens, it is important to make sure that you use the appropriate heating chamber or cartridge for the material that you are going to vape. Dab pens have unique chambers, but apart from that, they work in a similar way as a regular vape pen. A dab pen consists of a battery, heating element and a mouthpiece. The battery creates power, which is then used by the heating element to deliver heat and transform the wax into vapor.

Before you get a dab pen, keep in mind the type of concentrate that you want to use, the size and portability of the device, the battery life and the build quality. Of course, price is also an important factor so keep your budget in mind when choosing a dab pen. Selecting an option that is portable and discreet will allow you to enjoy a better experience. Just consider your specific needs before you buy a device. In this list, you will find the best dab pens that are currently available. These products have passed strict quality tests and they stand out thanks to their high quality and fantastic performance.

Mig Vapor WASP

Mig Vapor WASPIf you are looking for a stealth option, consider the Mig Vapor WASP, a dab pen that allows you to vape on the go without any hassle. It features a pen-like shape that can be carried in your pocket. It fits comfortably in your hand and it has a rubberized finish that gives the device a flawless grip. It comes with a fire button that is highly responsive and that can be easily clicked. The WASP allows you to start vaping in only a matter of seconds after pressing the fire button. It uses a 900mAh battery that gives you over 50 top-quality puffs in just one charge, which will last you for a whole day, if you are a moderate user. The WASP Air Vape pen features a carborundum coil (dual wiring, 1ohm) inside. This is resistant to oxidation and it has high thermal conductivity. You get purer vapor that is also battery-efficient.

V2 Series 3X Dab Pen kit

V2 Series 3X Dab Pen kitThis dab pen is a fantastic choice for vaping not only waxes, but also e-liquids and dry herbs. Its sleek design and great functionality, make it a high quality solution that deserves to be considered when you are looking for a dab pen. The V2 series 3X dab pen features a 3-in-1 experience and it allows you to vape three types of content. This dab pen offers great value for money and its battery life is remarkable. The device heats the dabs very fast and it works very well with thick oil concentrates and other materials. You will enjoy satisfying and intense vapor. The V2 Series 3X Dab Pen is versatile, easy to use and discreet. It heats very fast and it has three temperature control options. The only downside is that you may need to replace the cartridge multiple times per year.

Mig Vapor Bug RX

Mig Vapor Bug RXSmall, yet very efficient, the Bug RX is another great solution for discreet, powerful vaping on the go. It is affordable and it offers amazing quality, thanks to the advanced technology and temperature control that it offers. This dab pen is a miniature device that features a top fill design that allows you to refill easily and without creating a mess. It comes with a concealing cap and it has a 1100mAh battery that offers 22 watts. The tank can hold up to 2ml and the coil head has a rating of 0. Ohms resistance. The pen Style vaporizer combines functionality, beautiful design and it is available in multiple colors including Green, Purple, Blue, Black and Yellow.

KandyPens Prism

KandyPens PrismThis dab pen allows you to decide how intense you want your vaping sessions to be. While it is more expensive than the other dab-pens included in the list, the KandyPens Prism offers greater control over your vaping experience and it also allows you to enjoy better performance. It features two different atomizer options, allowing you to switch of the vapor experience often and you can also select your preferred option from a selection of four temp settings. You can easily manage the settings to customize your vaping experience. The Prism is easy to use and it allows you to enjoy intense, enjoyable vapor. The drawback is that the battery life doesn’t last that much.

The Keymaker

The KeymakerDurability and ease of use are just two of the main advantages of this wax pen. It has a small size, but its performance is truly powerful. It is capable of delivering an incredible amount of vapor. The Keymaker also offers a discreet vaping experience and it provides optimal mobile usage. While its design is plain when compared to other options in the list, if you are mainly concerned about having an option that is convenient for vaping on the go and that delivers top performance, this dab pen is for you. Its 360 mAh micro battery charges in about one hour and it heats up in just a few seconds, allowing you to have a short, but effective vaping session. It is an affordable solution that will allow you to enjoy vaping on the go without drawing too much attention to yourself.

Dab Tanks for Vape Mods

If you already have a vape mod, it is not necessary to purchase a separate dab pen. It is possible to get a dab tank for vape mods and all you have to do is to connect the dab tank to the mod to get an instant dab pen. While the vape mod is not as discreet as the dab pens that we have previously mentioned, the below dab tank is a good alternative for dabbing with friends at home.

Brain Fogger

If you have a variable wattage vape mod or vape pen with 510 connection, you can rely on the Brain Fogger Dab Tank to turn your regular vape into a powerful dab pen. The Brain Fogger is made of stainless steel and it has a glass body. It is very easy to use and all you need to do is to screw it onto your vape mod. You can also vape pen set the power ranging between to 10 watts and enjoy this fantastic vaping experience. It is compatible with your vape mod and it is an affordable option that allows you to enjoy a strong hit and intense flavor. However, the coil heads will have to be replaced from time to time.

How to use a dab pen?

Dab pens are easy to use. In general, you need to follow the below steps:

  1. Open the device to access the heating chamber and coil.
  2. With the dab tool, scrape off a small amount of wax. Then place it on the side of the heating chamber, making sure that it falls of the poker onto the coil.
  3. Assemble the dab pen. Then switch on the device. This can be done by clicking the fire button five times.
  4. Press the fire button and start vaping. When you are vaping dabs, you don’t need to allow the chamber to heat up as you would with dry herbs. In general, you can hold the fire button for about 3 to 4 seconds to create vapor.

What is a dab pen and how does it work?

A dab is a concentrate that is extracted from botanical materials. They may also be known as waxes and concentrates. These are the concentrated form of the active ingredients of botanical such as CBD extracts. Dab pens can also vaporize oils. Just keep in mind that a dab or concentrate contains the active ingredients and it provides a very strong experience. It is even stronger than smoking and you will get a high amount of the active ingredients in the vapor. Dab pens offer a highly intense experience so it is advisable to take things slowly when you are getting started.

You can find vaporizer pens that can vaporize a wide variety of materials including e-liquids, concentrates and dry herbs. The atomizer and heating chamber will work in a different way for each style of vaping. The top dab pens are focused on allowing users to vape waxes and they have a unique chamber. Apart from that, a dab pen works in a similar way as a regular vape pen. A dab pen comes with a battery, a mouthpiece and a heating element. The battery produces power that is used by the heating element to deliver heat and to transform the wax in the chamber into a vapor. Then you can inhale the vapor.

Hybrid Dan pens

You can find an extensive selection of hybrid vaporizer pens such as the V2 series 3X, which allows you to vape different materials like dry herbs, waxy concentrates and e-liquids. If you plan to use your per primarily for waxes, a wax pen is the right choice. Just keep in mind that when you use a multi-function vaporizer for dabs, you need to ensure that the right heating chamber or cartridge is being used. A heating chamber of cartridge for dry herb or e-juice is not meant to be used for concentrated materials such as oils, dabs or waxes.

What do you need to keep in mind before buying a dab pen?

There are some aspects that you need to keep in mind before choosing a vape pen. Here are the main factors to consider.

  • Size and portability
  • The kind of concentrates you will use
  • Battery life and charging. This depends on how often you vape
  • Quality build
  • Price and budget

When you are looking for a dab pen, it is important to ask yourself if portability and discretion are crucial for you. If you are planning to use the dab pen only at home, you may not be too concerned about getting a dab pen that can be carried anywhere you go. You can go for an option that focuses on heating temperatures and power outputs. However, if you want to be able to use the dab pen on the go, it is important to choose a dab pen that is discrete and small, like the ones we have included in this list.

Design is another factor that plays a role that shouldn’t be dismissed. It may not be the most important aspect, but getting an appealing design is not a bad idea. Although some devices focus on performance, it is possible to find options that work very well and that also look great. Battery life, ease of use and heating time are other aspects that have to be considered when choosing the best pen for your needs.

Dab Pens FAQ

What is the difference between a dab pen and an e-cigarette?

While dab pens (also know as wax pens) are very similar to e-cigarettes in terms of their appearance, the first are used for concentrates and the latter use e-liquids. They may look almost the same, but they are not suitable for the same type of vaping.

What is the best dab pen?

This would depend on your vaping style and preferences. The main thing is to keep in mind the aspects that we previously mentioned, such as size and portability, the kind of concentrates that you will use, the build quality, battery life and of course, your budget.

How much does a dab pen cost?

There are good dab pens available for around $100, but the price varies and you can find options for just $20, or some that cost $200 or more.

What should you look for in the top wax pens?

When you buy a wax pen, you need to consider the size of the heating chamber, the build quality, as well as the size and price of the product. It is also important to opt for a manufacturer that is reliable and well-established. Avoid product from unknown brands as the quality and safety of the product may be questionable.

Is it possible to use a dab pen to vape other materials?

No, dab pens are only meant to be used for concentrates and waxes.

Selecting the ideal wax pen

There are many vape pens for dabs available, which makes the process of choosing one a but confusing. The choice will depend on your preferences and vaping style. Not all vapers are the same so it is important to go for an option that is suitable for your needs. Here is what you need to think about before purchasing a dab pen.

Type of material that will be used

If you only intend to vape waxes, it is not necessary to spend money on expensive hybrid dab pens. However, if you are a new vaper and you don’t know what kind of material you are going to vape, then an all-in-one wax pen would be the best choice.

Battery life and charging

It is also important to consider how often will you vape. If you are a chain vaper, you need to make sure that the device can fulfill your vaping needs. There are dab pens that can last for many hours, or days on a single charge. However, there are some that have a short battery life, although they may be cheaper. There are also wax pens that you can charge with a micro USB cable and others need a custom charger.

Compact design and portability

It is possible to find vape pens that are very discreet and that allow you to vape without drawing attention to yourself. The issue with these pens is that they tend to have smaller batteries and their heating chambers are also smaller. The good news is that you don’t need a long vape session when vaping concentrates and an occasional hit or two would be enough for most vapers.


One of the things that can let you know that a device offers high quality is the warranty that comes with it. A reliable manufacturer that knows that its products offer good quality and performance is likely to support the product with a longer warranty.

Looks and build quality

Most dab pens feature stylish design and they are compact, but there are some that really look like the ultimate gadgets. Appearance is not the main factor to keep in mind, but many people want a dab pen that doesn’t only offer good performance, but that looks well. Of course, a strong design that is mean to last will also make a big difference in your experience.


While your budget will determine the device that you get, it is advisable to spend a but extra if needed, in order to get a good quality product. This can ensure that you get a product that is meant to last and that will save you money in the long run.


Choosing a dab pen can be overwhelming, but the options included here are guaranteed to offer a great vaping experience. You just need to keep in mind the main factors that will ensure that you select the right option for your needs. The main thing is to consider your preferences and how and what you are going to vape.