Juiced Vape App

Vapers can benefit from technological innovation, not only when it comes to their devices, but also thanks to apps like Juiced, which can help them to get more out of their experience. Juiced is an upcoming social platform for the vaping community that is set to offer access to online shopping, virtual events and more. Roots Technology Solutions, the developers behind Juiced Vape, have described the app as a “virtual vape lounge”. While the app is not available yet and it is not clear when will it be released, the preview looks promising so let’s get through some of the features that the app will offer.


There are four main sections listed in the app. One is the Feed, which is where users can post photos and short videos. It is set to work in a similar way as Instagram or Facebook. The next section is the Lounge, which includes a Community area, or online forum. Users can discuss different aspects of vaping such as e-liquids, devices and the latest news about the industry. In addition, it will be possible to share events such as meetups and conferences.

Juiced will also feature a section dedicated to virtual vape competitions. The idea here is that users will be able to enter contests every two weeks. They can submit photos and videos showing unique tricks or vaping-inspired artistic creations. Last but not least, Juiced Vape is set to include an online store with interesting in-app purchases, vaping hardware and other merchandise. The app is a good option for both new and experienced vapers. The platform aims to cater for beginners and advanced users alike, offering them a way to share their questions and tips with other vapers. It has the potential to be a great source of information for those who enjoy vaping.

The developers of Juiced gathered feedback from manufacturers, retailers and sellers. They took note of all the suggestions and analyzed the best way to implement the information to make sure that the app suits the needs of the vape community. They are focusing on the usability and convenience of their app and they are set on giving control to users. The content is generated by users, giving them the chance to share their experiences and to get recognition from other users. The addition of the online discussion board will enable users to exchange their opinions and to discover new products.


There have no been recent updates about Juiced and although the app is listed in Google Play, it is not available for download. It is possible that the developers are fixing some issues before launching the app officially. Once Juiced is available to the public, it would be interesting to see if it offers additional features or if it is very different from the Beta version. Based on the preview, the app looks promising and it could be a great solution to connect vapers and to help them to share their common interest, meet new people and to explore the world of vaping more deeply.