Magma Reborn RDA Review

Magma is a name known by many RDA fans as it has been considered by many as a leading option when it comes to flavor-chasing. In fact it wouldn’t be possible to talk about flavor-chasing RDAs without mentioning the Magma. Created by Paradigm Modz, the Magma RDA impressed users upon its release thanks to its reduced chamber, direct-to-coil, bottom-fed airflow and its top cap shaped like a dome. The Magma Reborn is as the name suggests, a new, updated version of the original Magma. This new version is meant to be a cloud and flavor chasing device. We’ll explore more about the Magma in this review.

Design and Presentation

The Magma Reborn features negative and positive square posts with 3 mm post holes, as well as dual juice well that can hold between 4 to 5 ml. It also has a dual 3.5 mm direct-to-coil airhole and the airflow control ring is set at 1 mm, 2 mm and 2.5 mm slotted. Like the original model, the Magma Reborn’s topcap is shaped like a dome and it can be easily removed for dripping. The Magma Reborn is available in Gunmetal, as well as Teflon coated Black and both designs look really well. The Magma comes in a sturdy, elegant and simple box that features an image of the device.

Although the drip-top is slightly different, the new Magma resembles the original one a lot, except for the fact that it is larger. The good news is that nowadays, there are multiple large mods that can support this atomizer. You can use your own drip tip with the wide bore drip-top and the cap, which is a feature that not many RDAs offer and it can save you money. The two top caps are shaped like a dome and Paradigm was one of the first manufacturers to use this design. Apart from looking great, this shape can help vapers top get better flavor and vapor production.


Thanks to the two post deck featured by the Magma Reborn, building on is simple. As previously mentioned, the main difference between the Magma Reborn and the original version is the size and the posts, as well as the post holes are considerably bigger. The e-liquid well is very deep, just like the one in the original version. However, the Magma Reborn can hold up even more liquid (up to 4/5 ml) and it is perfect for vapers who prefer unique coils. In most cases, you will be able to vape for a long time before you have to re-drip.

The airflow controller ring has to be adjusted and the top cap has to be unscrewed, the same as with the original Magma. While it is not difficult to use it, things can get a bit complicated if you want to change settings during the vaping session. However, once you select the setting you prefer, it can be locked into place and it won’t move. The airflow set-up is ideal for hot builds and allows a high amount of air through its 2.5 mm slots that feed two 3.5 mm direct-to-coil airflow holes. To get the best results, it may be better to leave the slots fully open or just slightly closed. The Magma Reborn offers improved airflow when compared to the original one, although it can produce a bit of noise when it is wide open.


The original Magma was an innovative device that stood up from the competition and the same can be said about the new version. It offers remarkable flavor and vapor production. The best results are obtained when using exotic coils. In addition, the Magma Reborn offers improvements in the areas that were a downside for its predecessor. The original Magma was known for leaking easily, but the new one is less likely to drip. You will be impressed with the amazing flavor and thick clouds that the Magma Reborn can produce.


If you liked the original Magma, you should definitely give the Magma Reborn a try. It maintains all the good elements of the first version, while adding improvements and new features that you will enjoy. The flavor is outstanding, which makes it the perfect choice for flavor-chasers. It also provides greater control over the airflow, allowing to cool down the builds. It works well and it is an affordable solution to enjoy dense clouds and rich flavor.