Best Small Vape Mods – How to find a Tiny Mod for Stealth Vaping

Best Small Vape Mods – How to find a Tiny Mod for Stealth Vaping »

Vape mods are available in two main types: large devices and tiny or mini mods. Large devices are very powerful and allow users

Pax 2 vs Grasshopper vaporizer comparison

Pax 2 vs Grasshopper vaporizer comparison »

The Pax 2 and the Grasshopper are popular portable vaporizers and here we will compare them. Although they are both very convenient for

PUFFiT-X Vaporizer Review

PUFFiT-X Vaporizer Review »

The PuFFiT-X is a portable conduction vaporizer that resembles a medical inhaler and it stands out as the only vaporizer of its kind



The PHIX and the JUUL share some similarities, including their appearance and the fact that both spell their names in capital words. While

Dark Horse RDA review

Dark Horse RDA review »

The Dark Horse RDA has gotten a lot of attention thanks to the fact that it offers additional varieties of airflow options that

MLV Phix Vape Review

MLV Phix Vape Review »

The Phix will impress vapers who have been looking for an elegant, closed loop vape that is focused on simplicity. The Phix allows

Best Dab Pens 2018 »

Dab Pens, also known as wax pens are devices that allow you to vape concentrates and thanks to their discrete design and portability,

Sense Herakles Tank Review

Sense Herakles Tank Review »

The Sense Herakles Sub-Ohm Tanks is an innovative option that can support high wattage vaping. In addition, it offers a variety of options

Cloupor T5 Box Mod Review

Cloupor T5 Box Mod Review »

Cloupor offers top quality products and the TP is a perfect example of the superb build and advanced performance that the manufacturer strives

Zamplebox Platinum Review

Zamplebox Platinum Review »

This e-liquid subscription service is designed to give vapers the chance to find new e-liquids based on the custom flavor profiles they have.