Provari Mini Review

In this review we take a look at one of our main contenders for best device ever, The ProVari Mini. In a world where “Mini” and “Lite” have become synonymous with second rate one could be forgiven for assuming that the ProVari Mini would somehow be lacking in features. That assumption couldn’t be further from the truth as, barring a smaller battery, the Mini is in no way inferior to the ProVari standard. It has all the same features, and produces the same fantastic vapor that made the ProVari standard a contender for best device. Without further ado, let’s dive into the review.


Build Quality:

ProVariMini-2Right off the bat you’ll notice that the ProVari looks much sturdier than any of the other products you’ve seen. Tank system products in particular tend to look and feel very fragile; no such problem with the ProVari. This unit certainly looks as though it can easily handle a knock or two. (Though we don’t suggest it!) It features a fantastically simple stainless steel design which is a breeze to upkeep. (We’ll have more on that in the sections below) It has two twist off caps which hide the battery at the bottom of the unit and the cartomizer/atomizer just under the mouthpiece. It’s also significantly smaller than the full sized model and looks down right tiny next to the LavaTube. The Mini is about 3.48 inches compared to the full size unit which is 4.13 inches; this represents a 16% reduction. That may not sound like much at first but when you have the two units side by side you see that the difference is significant. When you consider that the Mini is in no way a downgrade from the standard it makes it that much more impressive.

To add to the long durability design and high advanced microprocessor, you will never have to tinker with this device. They advertise it as “No Screw-Driver Required” and promise that you will never have to try and adjust any internal parts or repairs yourself. Of course, if it does fail for any reason, you have ProVape to help.

Power & Battery:

18350One of the main features of the ProVari it’s its dynamic variable voltage systems. What this means is that the device, with the help of a built in microprocessor, is able to regulate the voltage of your device as the battery discharges, all on it’s own. This means the vapor quality and taste do not become dulled as is the case with other brands. This is a feature to consider if you are looking for the top of the line vaporizer experience.

endcapThe device runs on a single 18350 battery with no sweat, keeping it small but not sacrificing any power. An optional extender cap can be used to fit 18490 batteries for longer battery life when on the go. While ProVape only recommends their batteries there are many third party options out there that can be used, but it its important to note that the battery must have a positive “nipple” to properly make contact on this device.


minianimatedblueAs we mentioned, the ProVari voltage output is actually controlled by an on-board microprocessor. The processor allows the device to dynamically adjust the voltage output to coincide with the weakening battery. What this means is that the voltage output is accurate to within 1% no matter how much charge is left in the battery. For any of you who have used other products you know that the vapor quality declines as the battery drains; this is not the case with ProVari Mini. The unit can be adjusted between 2.9 and 6 volts in increments of .1 volts provided the atomizer or cartomizer can handle the voltage of course.

Tanks & Cartomizers:

One of the things many users are quick to point out as a plus for the ProVari line is its versatility. The ProVari community is active on message boards and there is a multitude of third party parts you can use to upgrade your vaping experience. The rule of thumb for buying Cartomizers is to make sure it has an appropriate resistance for your preferred voltage settings.
Turning to the two options available with the starter kit we’ll first take a look at the iClear30S. The Innokin iClear30S is the cheaper of the two options but boasts a dual coil atomizer rated at 2 ohms and a large 3ml reservoir. It also comes equipped with a stainless steel cap which houses the disposable atomizer; according to ProVape the unit is compatible with over 500 drip tips. Make sure to flip the unit upside down when you’re done filling to ensure ample saturation of the wick which is at the top in the iClear.

The Aspire Nautilus is the premium option in the pack which is available for an extra $24.95. It is also a dual coil atomizer but is rated for 1.6-1.8 ohms. It has a larger reservoir at 5ml capacity which is also easier to fill by simply unscrewing the bottom and letting the juice run down the side. Do your best do avoid the middle as this is where the coil is located. If you should accidently get some juice in the coil at the middle simply hold the device right side up a little while to clear the middle.

Ease of Use & Features:

The ProVari line has so many features it would be difficult to list them all here but we’ll try to go over some of the biggest selling points for the ProVari.


As we discussed earlier, the on board microprocessor helps to regulate the voltage output so you’re always in the sweet spot no matter the charge in your battery.

Standby mode

Putting your device into standby mode will ensure that you don’t accidently use up your e-juice or change any of the settings while it’s rolling around in your bag or pocket.

Short Circuit Cartomizer/Atomizer Protection

This is a great little feature that informs you if you ever connect your device to a shorted Cartomizer or Atomizer. If this situation occurs your unit will shut itself down and notify you by displaying error message “E1” on the digital display.

Voltage Monitoring

The ProVari will monitor your voltage levels and will shutdown if it detects voltages that may be detrimental to your current configuration. If this situation comes up you will be shown error message “E2” and you will need to lower your voltage or use an atomizer/cartomizer with the appropriate resistance

Heat Monitoring

Nothing complicated here, if the devices detect unsafe temperatures it will temporarily shut itself down and display error message “E3”. Simply let the device cool down for a couple of minutes and you should be able to resume vaping shortly. According to ProVape these problems are extremely rare and most users should never even come across it.

Various Colors and Finishes

Being different with your PV Mini is not very difficult, with the choice of over a dozen original colors, finishes and materials to pick from, you can find something that fits your personality just right. Recently, ProVape introduced a glow in the dark model as well. It feels nostalgic but also seems to function well and easy to spot in low-light environments.


Pro Vari Mini Kit:

At $209.95 the ProVari’s price tag is very steep and the large but die hard fans of these devices will tell you that there just is no substitute for ProVari products. Other experienced vapors will tell you that cheaper devices do as good a job and way more worth the expense. Ultimately, the ProVari is a little bit of a luxury product and you’ll need to decide whether the extra money is worth it. The device features advanced functions and technology that an entry level personal mod just does not have. If what you are looking for is the more advanced and tried and tested top of the line vaporizer, the Mini is probably what you have been searching for.

ProVariStarterMini-2[1]Kit Includes:


  • ProVari Mini Vaporizer
  • 18350 AW high drain batteries
  • Doubled Slotted Battery Charger (Can charge two batteries at once)
  • iClear30S

Additional Costs:
• Aspire Nautilus + Tank Ring ($24.95, Replaces Iclear 30S)
• 1 Year extended warranty ($24.95)


The ProVari is easily one of our contenders for top product and barring the somewhat shocking price tag is second to no man in the land of personal vaporizers. While you will find people in both camps the fact is this device is absolutely fantastic, arguably the best around and if you can afford it you’re not likely to regret it.


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