Horizon Krixus Review

The Krixus is a recent addition to the list of subtanks created by Horizon Technology. What makes it stand out from other options is the fact that it uses a ceramic heating element. The kit comes with the Horizon Krixus tank, two ceramic coils, additional Japanese cotton, one spare Pyrex Glass, spare O-Rings and one user manual. The tank has a capacity of 4ml and it can be filled at the top. The Ceramic coil delivers between 60 and 120w and the Airflow slots are adjustable. Here we’ll take a closer look at the Krixus to help you decide if it is the righ option for you.

Presentation and design

The packaging box is very simple and it is very similar as what other companies use for their products. Although the box is not a key aspect to consider when choosing a tank, it would be good to see Horizon offering a more creative presentation, considering that the Krixus is not like many other options available. The design of the tank itself is also very simple, perhaps even plain. It doesn’t stand out, but if you prefer an option that is subtle and that delivers more in terms of performance than in terms of design, the Krixus won’t disappoint.


It is clear that the Krixus is focused on the vaping experience, rather than on appearance. Users can expect an thoroughly enjoyable flavor that is intense and rich, thanks to the ceramic coil. The Krixus is one of the best tanks of its kind and many users prefer it over options like the Vapeston Ceramikas. Although it doesn’t provide impressive vapor production, you get big clouds that are not behind other ceramic and sub ohm tanks. The coils are set to reach from 60 to 120w and they work well in this range. At lower wattage, you may only get a slight taste of what the tank can offer, so it may be advisable to go up to 100w and open the airflow slightly. This is a good setting to enjoy rich flavor and strong vapor production.

One of the best things about the Krixus is the rich flavor that it offers and that has allowed it to become one of the top options when it comes to ceramic coil tanks. It is certainly the strongest contender in terms of flavor not only due to the richness that it offers, but also because the taste is clean and intense. In addition, the re-wickable coils make this tank a great option since it means that it is convenient and can last for longer. The manufacturer states that each coil head can last at least six months.

Now for the downsides, it must be said that the airflow ring can be slightly too tight sometimes. In some cases, you may need to unscrew the tanks as the airflow ring may get stuck. In addition, it only works in one direction instead of spinning without restrictions. This can be inconvenient and has some negative impact on your vaping experience. Another thing that you may not like about this tank is that the coils are made from Tungsten. This is used to heat the surrounding ceramic element and although ceramic is safe and offers a clean flavor, the use of Tungsten wire may concern some vapers, since there is not much data about its safety when used in these devices. The fact that there is not much information available about the Tungsten wire may put off some people and prompt them to look for options that use a wire material that is more popular.


Overall, the Krixus is an amazing device that will impress many users thanks to its high quality and efficient performance. You get a pleasant vaping experience with delicious, intense flavor and satisfying vapor production. When used at a higher wattage, the Krixus really shines and it delivers a lot of airflow. The ceramic coils are designed to last for quite a while and they are very easy to clean. You just need to dry burn them until all traces of juice are removed. In spite of some small issues with the airflow ring and some concerns about the use of Tungsten, the Horizon Krixus is a top ceramic-coil tank and you can get it for less than $20.