VaporFi Orbit Dry Herb Vaporizer Review

Herbal vaporizing is just one of the many ways to vape nowadays. It uses finely ground leaves that are loosely packed into a heating chamber to produce the vapor. When used with dry herb vaporizer, it can give traditional medicine and aromatherapy a run for their money, particularly in delivering healthy benefits in non-combustible method. Many e-cig users are getting fascinated with vaporizers; smoking dry herbs is becoming a huge trend

Trust VaporFi to jump the gun by introducing the new ORBIT Dry Herb Vaporizer. The device is especially designed for dry herbs and can withstand high temperature for prolonged use. The new product is described as elegantly engineered to target the increasing number of smokers of dry herbs.

What makes it an alluring offer over other similar products available in the market for herbal vaporizer users?


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orbit-redThe new ORBIT Dry Herb Vaporizer is a powerful devise in an elegantly designed rubber shell. The great rubber housing comes for two good reasons. First, it sets the ORBIT apart from its competitors like the Pax by Ploom. Second, the rubber serves to insulate the device and protect the hands from being scorched when it heats up.

By simply holding the button, the device can be toggled into 3 different temperature settings. The start-up setting is indicated by a red light and takes about 60 seconds to heat up to 360°F; the medium setting with green indicator light takes longer at 90 seconds to register at 380°F; and, the highest setting at 420°F  takes approximately 120 seconds when the light turns blue. Pressing the button 5x will turn the device on and off.

Available in black and red, the ORBIT is a sleek device that takes herb vaping to new heights. Its performance surpasses all other dry herb vaporizers. But, don’t let the exquisite design and engineering intimidate you because the ORBIT is simple to use and easy on the pocket. The 1.7 ml heating chamber is advanced, yet user-friendly. The cartridge easily opens to be filled with enough dry herbs. It even tells you how much and how long to heat the herbs.

Vapor Quality/Volume

The vapor thickness obscures its nearest competitors like the Magic Flight and PAX. When set at full temperature, the ORBIT provides maximum vaping pleasure as it bellows thick volume of vapour, which can satisfy even frequent smokers.

Battery Life

The ORBIT feels weighty, a feature that is definitely overlooked as a trade-off for the powerful 2200 mAh battery built to last for heavy chain of vaping sessions. The long lasting battery is perfect for any temperature setting and suited for high volume usage. The battery life is quite long and does not require frequent charging. If charging is necessary, it only takes less than two hours; a green light turns on to indicate that the process is complete. It uses micro USB as a charging base, so there’s nothing to worry about misplacing it.


The ORBIT works amazingly where other herb vaporizers have failed, by hitting the temperature just right, infusing the vapour with the flavour of your selected herbs. Just fill in the heating chamber with a measly amount of your herb of choice and you’re instantly taken to vaping of unparalleled pleasure. The first wave of customer reviews are in and they are good. People are calling this the best hand held vaporizer they have come across in years of testing dozens of other models. You can’t use wax, essential oils or e-liquid because this one-piece device vaporizes herbs only.

orbit_blackPrice and Warranty

All the components are offered at an affordable price of $99.99, which is a lot cheaper than other dry herb vaporizers of similar-sized kits. It’s a good buy for beginners or as a secondary vaporizer with the convenient feature of portability. A 90-day warranty is included with a 30-day money back risk free guarantee. VaporFi has been gracious enough to offer an exclusive 12% discount to our visitors, applied at checkout by simply following the link below!


Kits and Disposables (Availability)

Each kit contains a 2200 mAh rechargeable vaporizer, a USB charging cable, cleaning brush, 5 pieces replacement filters, 5 silicone-made mouthpiece covers, and a user manual.  The filters ensure clean, smooth, pleasurable, and flavorful dry herb vaping experience. Dry herb vaping requires regular replacement of mesh to keep the residue from getting into your mouth. The mouthpiece covers help keep the germs at bay as they protect your lips from the ultimate temperature setting that can reach up to 420 degrees. The covers are meant for clean vaping and to provide you a pleasant enjoyment while savoring your favorite flavors.


The AC adapter can be purchased separately. As standard VaporFi feature, the herbs and e-liquid are not included in the starter kit.


When it comes to vaping, it is important that no herbs are wasted to provide users a gratifying vaping experience up to the last billow of smoke. It takes an intelligently made vaping machine like the VaporFi Orbit to meet every smoker’s expectation. With so many choices in the market, it is not hard to find the right product without having to go through the trial and error of the selection process. If you’re looking for a device that is specifically designed for vaping herbs, you can’t go wrong with VaporFi Orbit Dry Herb Vaporizer.