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Switching to e-cigs was one of the best things I have ever done for myself. My fellow reviewers and millions of users agree. I’m saving more money for my retirement, more vacations, I started playing sports again for leisure. But more importantly, I feel so much better and my family couldn’t be happier of my choice. Starter Kits are what you need when you are ready to start vaping regularly. They get you the best quality electronic cigarettes at the lowest price.

Electronic cigarette starter kits come with everything needed to start vaping. You get the best electronic cigarettes and the choice between all different nicotine strengths as well as an array of flavors. It will include one or more rechargeable batteries, flavor cartridges and e-liquid bottles, chargers as well as possible accessories and carrying cases. Some brands offer over 5 different starter kits to try and cater to greater audiences. It’s often challenging for first time buyers to feel confident they are buying what’s best for them. With so many brands out there, we don’t blame them, in fact we shared those same challenges and made some really bad expensive purchases in the past.

Electronic Cigarette Starter Kits

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How To Choose Your Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit

First and foremost, it’s important to understand the basics of electronic cigs, and if you already know all about them and need help picking the best brand for you, read on as we will quickly review the best information you need to know before buying.

First and foremost, if the initial investment of a starter kit hard on your budget and daunting, you can always consult our electronic cigarette disposables section and verify if the brand offers a quality disposable model to try them out first. It’s also very important to read up a bit on our full reviews and see our top rated best electronic cigarette brands of 2014.

Starter Kits usually offer an entry point e-cig starter kit that does not cost much. It is ideal for someone that wants to try a brand’s top shelf product without dishing out too much money. It always includes the same great lifetime warranties and will still save you money as opposed to buying disposables.

Buying bundled starter kits or bigger purchases in general means you get a better discount. So if you know someone, friend or family or have a spouse whom also smokes and would like to switch, bundles are good option to choose. They include enough batteries for two as well as a minimum of two chargers so each person has everything they need.

E-liquids and re-fillable cartridge kits also exist, those include small bottles of e-liquid and blank cartridges in which you add drops to refill. These offer the best value purchase, and once you’re used to e-cigarettes, it’s a good option to look into. It’s requires a bit of work and maintenance as well as safety precautions, but it’s not all that bad and certainly worth the extra savings.

Finally you have the high end packages. All depending the brand, these packages will offer a combination of large amounts of cartridges or e liquid refills to last you sometimes for a year. This is the option for the regular vaper who wants to get the most for his money. Additionally, some brands have their own super cool accessory line that include portable chargers and cases to even jewellery and fashion items in the case of Vapor Couture. There’s lots of options and you are certain to find one that is right for you

How To Save More Money Buying E-Cig Starter Kits

The top electronic cigarette brands want you to buy directly from them. They have better control over quality assurance and cut the costs of middlemen, making it possible to always offer discounts with permanent coupons as well as seasonal promotional offers that can often be added on to existing codes. Buying directly online from the website, is also the ONLY way to get a full warranty from the manufacturer. These warranties are important, as they ensure that you will always have faulty batteries that fail before their cycle, replaced for free.

E-cig sales have been so high in the past two years, that the technology is advancing really fast and prices are always getting lower. Our favorite brands are doing so well, that in return for creating a review site blog and posting honest and tested reviews of their products, they have offered to give away free starter kits to our visitors. The starter kit giveaways are usually monthly and sometimes we get so many that we do them weekly. The mailing list is still new and not many members have signed up, which means your chances are really good, don’t miss out.

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