Mighty Vaporizer review

The Mighty Vaporizer by Storz and Bickel is a portable hybrid convection vaporizer that is bigger than other similar devices and that also offers greater battery life. Manufactured in Germany, the Mighty offers impressive battery life and it is considered by many as one of the best portable vaporizers in this category. Although the Mighty vaporizer is very easy to use via the on-vape temp control buttons, it is also one of the most reliable portable vapes available. The main issue with the Mighty Vaporizer is its size. If you are looking for a discreet solution that can easily fit in your pocket, this may not be it. However, if your main concern is battery life and you don’t mind carrying the device in a backpack or handbag, the Mighty is a great choice. The Mighty is currently available for $349.


The Mighty is heavier and bigger than other portable vaporizers available in the market. While the size makes it less discreet than devices like the Pax, the fact is that the Mighty offers a remarkable battery life, which makes it perfect for use on the go. You can vape for a long time without having to worry about recharging. You may be able to keep it in your pocket, but it is not exactly the most comfortable device to carry with you. Instead, you can bring it in a purse or backpack. If you want something that is lightweight and easy to conceal, you would need to look elsewhere. On the bright side, the Mighty is very easy to use and even those who don’t have previous experience with a vaporizer will be able to enjoy it without issues. You can hold it comfortably because it doesn’t get unbearably hot. Thanks to the exterior fins, the Mighty remains cool to the touch. In terms of appearance, the Mighty is not exactly good looking or stylish. However, it has a solid built and it is designed with durability in mind.


The Mighty uses conduction, as well as convection, which means that it is a hybrid device. You can enjoy intense vapor production without having to stir. In addition, the Mighty has a LED 1×1 display with buttons that are easy to use and that are located on the side so you can control the temperature, which ranges between 105-410F. You can adjust the temp whenever needed while you are vaping. Having greater control over your vaping and the options available is one of the best things about the Mighty. It allows you to enjoy a versatile experience. One thing to keep in mind is that the Mighty can take over one minute to heat up, but once you reach the ideal temp, it is maintained.

The highlight of the Mighty is its battery life without a doubt. It stands apart from the competition and it is hard to imagine a device that can offer better results in this area. It is possible to get around 8 sessions (or over one hour and half) before having to recharge the device again. The full pass-through charging gives you the possibility of using the Mighty while it is being charged. This is a practical option that allows you to use the Mighty even when it is out of battery, you just need to plug it in and go. The downside is that unlike other similar devices such as the Crafty, the Mighty doesn’t come with USB charging. You can only plug it into the wall and to fully charge it you will need to allow about two hours.

The Mighty bowl has a capacity of about .25 grams for dry herbs, but this will depend on how you load the chamber. The vaporizer is a convenient option for beginners because it is very easy to use. You just need to press the power button and it will immediately start heating to the temperature you have selected. You will see default temp, the actual temp and the battery life left, without having to hold down buttons or batteries. You just need to wait a few minutes to allow it to heat up. The Mighty features a great additional accessory known as the Filling Aid, which allows you to load and unload the bowl easily. You just need to load the vaping material, attach the filling aid and add your dry herbs. The Filling Aid can be attached to the top unit to be able to load the bowl without any hassle and without creating a mess. The Mighty comes with a two-year manufacturer warranty, which is is in line with what most vaporizers offer at the moment, although it is less than what new devices are offering.


While the Mighty is not the most convenient option in terms of discretion due to its size, it offers impressive battery life, which makes it great for vaping all day and for carrying with you while camping or hiking. Although you can’t really carry it in your pocket comfortably, if you happen to bring a backpack or handbag with you wherever you do, you won’t have any hassle carrying. You may also use a fanny-pack to bring the Mighty with you while you are on the go. There are many good reasons to opt for this vaporizer including its fantastic vapor quality and ease of use. If the size is not an issue for you, the Mighty could be the best vaporizer that you can get.