How to use EScribe with your DNA200

If you have the new DNA 200 Mod and want to start taking advantage of everything that it offers, you have come to the right place as we will tell you how to use the powerful EScribe program with your mod. Before we get started with all the steps needed, it is important that you take note of what you need:

  1. Of course, the first item in the list is your DNA 200 Mod with a temp control atomizer.
  2. You also need atomizer wire material of good quality. We recommend titanium, grade 1 (TiG1) and pure nickel (Ni200). Another option that is gaining popularity is stainless steel. However, it is important to note that there are different grades and kinds of stainless steel and each of them offer different characteristics. It is better to stick to the options we previously mentioned, at least when you are getting started.
  3. You will also need a Microsoft Windows computer and connection to the internet.
  4. You also need a USB cable with data connections. There are some USB cables that can only be used for charging. It is important to have a cable that has all the data connections. You can use the cable that was included with your Mod.


1. Download and install EScribe

In order to take full advantage of your DNA 200 Mod, you need to get EScribe. This is a free Windows application that was created by Evolv. It is designed to update the firmware of your DNA 200 Mod and it allows you to configure pretty much every aspect of the mode to ensure that you enjoy a vaping experience that suits your own style. You can get the application from for free.

Once you download EScribe, run the application. The setup steps will vary depending on the operating system of your computer. Keep in mind that you will also need administrator privileges on your computer. Although you may be able to find previous versions of EScribe, it is advisable that you opt for the latest version available, specially when you are just getting started.

2. Run EScribe. connect your DNA 200 and update the firmware

Once EScribe is running, you can connect the USB cable between your computer and DNA 200 Mod. EScribe would automatically detect the Mod and a popup will appear. If it doesn’t, you can click “Connect and Download Settings” in the upper left corner area of EScribe. You need to name your Mod before pressing OK to connect. Press the “Rename” button and then enter the name that you want for your Mod, then click Ok. If you happen to have more than one DNA 200 mod, you need to choose a different name for each of them. Then you can click Ok on the Connect popup.

EScribe will download all the settings from your Mod, allowing you to display and change them on your computer. Downloading the settings only takes about 20 seconds so you can just wait while it gets the job done. Once it is completed, all the settings in your DNA 200 will be available and you can start configuring with the help of EScribe. One of the coolest things about EScribe is that it lets you know if there is a more recent version of the firmware available for your Mod. The firmware is the program that runs on the DNA 200 computer in your mod. If there is a more recent version available, EScribe will let you know. Next, you need to click in the option to update your firmware to the latest production version available. Don’t disconnect your Mode from the USB cable during the update. Whenever you connect your Mod to EScribe, the application will check if you have the latest Evolv DNA 200 firmware.

3. Configure your DNA 200 Baseline Settings – Setup Battery Pack Capacity using EScribe

In order to take advantages of what your DNA 200 Mod has to offer, there are certain basic settings that you will need to configure. These settings will ensure that your device knows the battery capacity and to ensure that it has one or two profiles at least, ready to be used with your favorite atomizers and wire types. By setting the battery capacity, you can improve the accuracy of your battery meter. There are even more settings that can be adjusted, including setting the actual discharge profile of the battery pack. However, to get started, you just need to make sure that the DNA 200 is aware of the Mod battery pack.

Click the “Mod” tab to set the battery pack capacity and on the tab’s page, select “Manufacturer Settings”. Next, select “Watt Hour Calculator”. After clicking that option, you will get a popup asking if you know the total voltage of the battery pack. Select “yes”. This is the total voltage mentioned in the pack. The lithium ion and lithium polymer cells have are meant to have a voltage of 3.7 volts per cell and there are usually three cells in a typical pack. That means that there are 11.1 volts in each pack and this is the “default” voltage that you will see in the Watt Hour Calculator as well, when you click it. LifePO4 packs also exist and the DNA 200 can also use them, although there is no commercially available Mod that uses them at the moment.

If you have a two 18650 cells Mod, you need to check that the cells dropdown is set to two cells. Use 7.4 volts as the pack’s nominal voltage in the Watt hour calculator. The capacity of the pack is the individual capacity of each cell, not the total sum of them. For instance, if there are two 2500 mAh cells, the pack capacity is 2500 mAh at 7.4 volts nominal. The watt hour calculator will take care of calculating the watt hour rating of the pack accurately.

Enter the capacity, in milliamp hours of the pack at its nominal voltage in the Battery Cell Capacity field. For instance, if your pack is a Lipo pack marked 1300 mAh, enter 1300 as the cell capacity. If the Mod you are using has three 18650 batteries, enter the capacity of what each of them is rated at. This would usually be 2500 mAh. Then click Ok and EScribe will display the calculated watt hour for the pack and ask if you want to use that value. Select “Yes” and your setting will be now entered in EScribe, although not uploaded to the Mod yet. In order to upload the setting, you need to click the “Upload Settings to Device” button. This will take around 30 seconds and once the process is completed, your battery pack capacity setting would be available on the Mod.

How to setup profiles with EScribe

When it comes to vape quality, one of the main features of the DNA 200 is using temperature controlled preheat, as well as a rock steady temperature controlled remainder of vape for each draw. Once it is correctly setup, the DNA 200 will pretty much immediately bring the coil to the temperature that you want and then it will maintain it throughout the draw. It can offer a better vaping than what you may have experienced in the past. The DNA 200 controls the temperature by measuring the change in the resistance of the coil wire when it heats up. Thanks to its technology, the DNA 200 has the capacity to make all the necessary calculations.

To be able to handle complicated calculations and ensure that the preheat and temperature control functions works as they should, the DNA 200 needs to know the amount of coil wire resistance changes for every degree of change in temperature at every temp reached. This data is expressed as a curve in a graphic form. A single value usually known as the wire TCR may also be used for approximation purposes. Although it is not precise, it can be useful to start with different wire types. In summary, TCR is a number that represents the heated resistance of the coil, it is when multiplied by the initial cold resistance of the coil and by the temperature increase. TCR is generally expressed as Ohms per degree Kelvin or Ohms per degree Farenheit.

When a profile is set up in EScribe, the DNA 200 will also have to know the amount of wattage that you want to limit your vape to. There are many other settings that can be customized to enjoy a vaping experience that suits your preferences. Entering these settings for every wire type or atty that you use, whenever you change them can be too much. Fortunately, you can save a group of settings and get them when you want on the Mod, thanks to the fact that the DNA 200 allows you to select from a set of eight profiles.

How to set up a profile for Nickel and Titanium Wire in EScribe

In order to set a profile for Nickel, select the “General” tab in EScribe and then select Profile 1. After selecting the name you want for your profile, you can enter it in the relevant entry box. Once you select the name, enter the power setting that you want to establish as a limit for your vaping. Use a limit that is high enough so that your vape is not cold because of a lack of power. You can set the number after the decimal for wattage to the profile number. For instance, profile 1 can be set to xxx.1 watts, while profile 2 would be set to yyy.2 watts. When you are using the profile, it is possible to tell immediately which profile is selected at the moment, just by looking at the tenths of wattage on the DNA 200 screen. Then, enter the temperature setting that you prefer. 450 degrees F or 232 degrees C would be a common choice.

Then, in the drop down box for Coil Material, select Nickel 200. These are all the settings needed to get started with pure nickel wire. In order to set another profile for titanium grade 1, click on Profile 2, which appears at the top of the page. Choose the same settings that you have for nickel, but use a different name (you can use Titanium) and for Coil Material, you will need to select “Custom”. To make things easier, you can enter the wire TCR directly as an approximation, instead of entering it as a precise curve. At the lower right corner of the screen, select the “Special” button. You will see a dropdown that allows you to select “Temperature Coefficient of Resistance (Approximation”. Choose that selection.

Next, you can enter a shorthand approximation of the curve for titanium grade 1. You can enter 0.0035, which is a typical starting value in this case. If your specific wire is running colder than it should, you can increase that TCR value slightly. If it looks like it is running too hot, decrease the value a little bit. You can adjust these values until you find the best option for you.

Upload all settings you have made with EScribe to your DNA 200 Mod

Uploading all the settings to your Mod is a very important step. You will need to click “Upload Settings to Device” in the upper left area of the screen. When EScribe finishes the process, you will be ready yo select a profile and vape.

How to select a profile on the DNA 200 and vape

You can select profiles on your DNA 200 Mod from an unlocked Mod, but the power settings have to be locked. In order to get the Mod into this status, you first need to unlock the Mod and press and the up/down buttons for a couple of seconds. You will see “Power Locked Hold Up Down”. Then, double click the up or down button, the Mod will show the Profile number and name. Then press up or down to access the profile number and the name you want. Then press the fire button to choose that profile. That is it, now you can enjoy your vaping to the most.