Disposable e-cigs have become a commercial success, in part to being readily available on store shelves and bars, they provide a convenient and fast way to acquire an electronic cigarette for usually less than a pack of cigarettes. In addition, they require no maintenance and the single charge battery is safe to be disposed or recycled. A big percentage of first time users discover vaping by trying out a disposable electronic cigarette. Although very popular, disposable e-cigs have both pros and cons.

They are cheap, usually costing between $3 to $12 dollars in singles and are found in almost every gas station in the U.S. today. Bars now carry them and e-cig retailers and vaping lounges are popping up faster than anyone could have imagined. Compared to purchasing a starter kit, disposable e-cigs are the perfect way for newcomers to try out vaping but as well to try out many different brands before committing to one.

Disposable e cigarettes definitely have some advantages in terms of convenience and low initial cost, but in the long run, you won’t save any considerable money from switching to e-cigs compared to buying tobacco cigarettes. Rechargeable starter kits are the way to go for long term investments and huge savings. Disposable e cigs are also limited in choice, you will often only get a couple flavors offered by that specific brand and very little choice on nicotine concentration.

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As we mentioned, choice is limited with most disposable e-cigs. Today’s electronic cigarette has advanced quite a bit in quality and tastes. Dozens of new flavors are developed every year and make up a big part of the vaping experience. And let’s face it, smokers who switch to vaping not only benefit from better health, but huge money savings as well. However, Starter Kits and refillable e-liquid options are the way to go. Refills cost a fraction of the price of cigarettes, amounting to thousands and thousands of dollars back in your pocket for the rest of your life. Click here to learn more about E-Cig Starter Kits.

Be Careful When Purchasing Disposable E-Cigarettes

Due to the sheer growth of the market, hundreds of different electronic cig brands have surfaced across many countries, and most of these brands are coming from China. Although most are re-branded cheap e-cigs originating from large manufacturers, the lack of regulation cannot ensure safe and quality products. Reports of replica devices have often surfaced and eBay has been one of those feeding markets. Store owners sometimes purchased from un-licenced dealers whom are potentially selling dangerous fakes. Buying in gas stations and stores is not the best way.

The safest and cheapest way to vape is to purchase directly from the manufacturer online. Shipping is often free and warranty ensures you have a product for life. These companies sell to millions a year and selling directly is the most cost effective way, they are begging for you to buy from them and offer promotional coupons that are valid all year long.

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