Vuse Digital Vapor review

Vuse is a product of Reynolds Tobacco, one of the leading tobacco companies in the United States, which may put off vapers who prefer to support independent manufacturers. In addition, the technology used by Vuse feels outdated when compared to what it’s on offer in the market at the moment. However, that doesn’t mean that there is not any interest on this device. In fact, since it can be easily bought from convenience stores and any shop that sells tobacco cigarettes, it is likely that Vuse is the first experience that many people have with e-cigs. The basic started kit, which comes with one flavor cartridge, one USB charger and one battery, is available for around $11. It is also possible to get accessories like charging adapters, from the official website. In this review, we will take a closer look at this affordable vaping solution.

Design and battery life

Overall, it can be said that the Vuse Digital Vapor e-cig has an appealing design. Its solid metal build features a stainless steel finish battery and a black flavor cartridge. When you hold it, you feel like you have a real tobacco cigarette in your hand, although the look will clearly let others know that it is actually a vaping device. The bottom lights up with a white LED when you vape and when the liquid is running low, the LED starts flashing. You will know if the battery needs to be charged because the Vuse LED light will go from white to red.

Given that the Vuse is focused on offering the sensation of smoking a real tobacco cigarette, it uses a small battery to keep the size small. The fact that the battery is small means that the run-time is average. It is not exactly impressive, but if you are alight user, you may get 8 hours or even more from a charge. Those who use it heavily, may only get up to two hours before they need to charge the device again. It would be advisable to carry additional batteries, particularly if you are going to be on the go all day. In the end, the amount of time that you can get from the battery once it is fully charged, will depend on what kind of vaper you are.


There are eight flavors available: Menthol, Crema, Original, Berry, Mint, Nectar, Melon and Chai. Menthol and Mint as their names suggest, are the cool, refreshing menthol and mint versions that Vuse offers. The original flavor gives you the chance to enjoy a classic tobacco feeling, while Berry is a combination of delicious berry flavors. Nectar is mix of fruit flavors, while Melon is a refreshing version of this popular flavor. It is worth noting that Nectar and Melon are only available at 7-Eleven stores. All the flavor cartridges that Vuse offers come with 4.8% nicotine (48mg/mL), so you get a strong sensation. The high Nicotine content makes Vuse ideal for heavy smokers and those who are just making the transition from traditional tobacco cigarettes.


The Vuse Digital e-cig is designed to offer an experience that is very close to smoking a regular cigarette, although it is slightly heavier. Getting started is very easy with the Vuse because you hold it in your hand in the same way and you can inhale the vapor into your mouth and then into your lungs to get the same smoking sensation. There is a solid throat hit and you get a high level of nicotine that will be enjoyed by heavy smokers and those who used to smoke strong cigarettes. Vuse Digital e-cigarettes stand out for using a feature called Smart Technology which is set to monitor the heat regularly and to adjust the delivered power as needed to ensure that you get the right amount of vapor and temperature.

Vuse states that thanks to Smart Technology, vapers can get the best possible puff every time. While this claims may be exaggerated, the amount of vapor that you get is good enough. There are options that offer better vapor production, but if you are just getting started, the Vuse will be fine since it delivers an amount of vapor that will remind you of the smoke that you obtain from a regular tobacco cigarette. It should be said that some flavors work better than others. Berry is highly enjoyable, while other popular options like Menthol and the Original are ok, but nothing impressive. Although the experience will depend on your personal preferences, some cartridges seem to produce a burned taste very quickly.


If you are looking for a simple, affordable solution that allows you to start moving away from regular tobacco cigarettes, the Vuse would be a practical solution. It is not a remarkable device, but it works well and it offers a good variety of flavors that will help you to get started in the world of vaping. After the Vuse, you should really move on to more advanced solutions, but if you are just trying to give cigalikes a chance to quit smoking, the Vuse Digital may be a good way to begin.