SMY 170W Box Mod review

The SMY 170W is a stylish temp control mod created by Simeiyue. This 170 watt device features a large LCD display that allows you to read and manage the settings easily and it also adds appeal to the overall design of the device. When it was originally released, the SMY 170W Box Mod was available for around $100 USD, but it is possible to find it now for almost half the price. Here we will go through the main features supported by this mod.


There are two versions available. One is the elegant black with white emblem. The other option is a white device with black emblem. The aluminium body has a subtle texture and thanks to the rounded sides, you can hold the device comfortably. As previously mentioned, the mod comes with a color LCD that is large and allows you to view information and arrange the settings without hassle. Under the screen you will see the + and – buttons and on the side, you will see a medium fire button that has a nice finish and that is easy to use. In terms of size, the SMY 170W is similar to most devices of its kind, but it feels more comfortable than most, thanks to its shape. It doesn’t have a rubberized coating, but the texture prevents it from slipping away.


The kit comes with the SMY 170 TC, one USB to Micro USB cable, one cleaning cloth that will allow you to look after the LCD and a user manual. The device can reach up to 170 watts and it has a resistance power between 0.05 and 3ohms. The mod works with a dual 18650 battery, but unfortunately it is not included. There is a power saving mode and an auto-power off option that can be adjusted to make sure that the device is not using up battery unnecessarily. The mod can be charged using USB and it offers high precision and resistance detection. Other features worth mentioning are the spring loaded 510 connection, the channeled magnetic battery cover, the anti-reverse protection and the over-charge protection. The SMY 170W is box mod is also protected from short circuits and low resistance.

The sliding battery cover is kept in place thanks to two magnets and it facilitates charging the battery. Since it is channeled, it is very unlikely that it will come out, even if you drop the mod by accident. The SMY 170W TC is a fully functional temperature control mod and its big color LCD will allow you to read information and adjust the settings effortlessly. You can check puff count and other useful information, just by taking a look at the screen. Although the spring loaded 510 connection is available on many mods, not all of them have this feature, which is why the SMY 170W is one of the most convenient options you can get. Having a spring loaded 510 makes things easier because you won’t need to adjust a screw and you can use it with a large selection of tanks, clearomizers and drippers without issues.

The design and built of the SMY 170W TC are solid and although the sliding battery cover feels a bit loose, it is not a major deal. The battery terminal springs are doubled in positive and negative and they fit the batteries perfectly. Another feature that deserves to be highlighted is the atomizer detection, which checks with the user if the atomizer is the same or if it is a new one. Although the atomizer confirmation can take a bit longer than expected and it may take some time to get familiar with it, all the other menus and options are easy to manage. The titanium temperature control and the stealth option are other aspects to highlight. You can extend the battery life thanks to the stealth option, since you won’t use the full capacity of the display.


Although the SMY 170 TC doesn’t have dry coil detection, it is is a great vaping solution. It supports a temperature control device to cut off in the event of the wick getting dry. The mod works fine without the cut-off as well and you won’t have any issues using nickel and kanthal. The SMY 170 TC is a great solution for fans of dual 18650 mods and it can also be a good way to be introduced to this form of vaping. You won’t have to swap batteries on a regular basis and thanks to its capacity, the SMY 170 TC is capable of handling a wide variety of builds.


The large color LCD display, the stealth option, the temperature control and the 170 watts capacity, are some of the best things about the SMY 170 TC. The mod is very easy to use and comfortable to use. It will impress you with its strong built and convenient navigation. It supports both nickel and titanium, and while it doesn’t have dry coil detection, it offers good performance. In spite of some minor downsides, the SMY 170 TC is a fantastic mod that comes with a good range of useful features.