Best RDAs Currently Available on the Market

RDA stands for Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer and they are one of the three different types of rebuildable atomizers. The other two options available are Rebuildable Tank Atomizers or RTAs and Genesis atomizers. There are also RDTAs or Rebuildable Dripping Tank Atomizers and these were recently developed. RDTAs are a mix between an RDA type deck design and a tank that drips e-liquid. The coils used by rebuildable atomizers are made by wrapped wire and the most popular wire types are Titanium (ti gr1), Nickel (ni200), Kanthal A1 and Stainless Steel.

There are different types of RDAs available and the options vary in size and materials. In general, RDAs are considered as an ideal option for vapers who want intense flavor and high vapor production. They can produce thick clouds and give users the possibility of trying multiple e-liquids fast. All you need is a few drops to taste a flavor and decide if it is right for you. You can find cloud chasing RDAs that can be used with robust and large coils and they also sport big airflows that allow them to produce thick clouds of vapor. A Cloud chasing RDA is great for users who enjoy direct to lung (DLT) vaping. There are also flavor RDAs with reduced airflow that is better for mouth to lung (MTL) vaping. While many flavor RDAs offer good vapor production, as the name suggest, focus on delivering intense, enjoyable flavor. There are also RDAs that are able to offer the best of the two worlds.

If you are thinking about getting an RDA, or if you are looking for the next RDA device to take your vaping to the next level, you will find the best options in this list. There are new models being released on a regular basis so you can always find something to try. We have listed RDAs that are ideal for those who are just getting started, as well as models that offer a great experience for those who want top flavor and clouds.

Best RDA for Clouds and Flavor

The Drifter

Hobo Custom’s The Drifter is a fantastic stainless steel device that meets the highest standards of quality. It comes with a four-post build deck along with 2mm post holes and while it is relatively small, it offers great e-juice capacity. The atomizer stays cool thanks to the three heat fins at the top of the device. The Drifter stands out thanks to its 3D designed airflow slots and the design is smart and functional. It is leak resistant and allows you to enjoy amazing flavor.

Aeolus Lite

Synthetic Cloud brings an RDA that will allow you to enjoy rich flavor and a great amount of vapor. It is easy to use and provides smooth draws and superb airflow control. The device stays cool even when you use hot builds. Apart from offering solid performance, the Aeolus Lite is a stylish, leak-proof RDA that gives you a pleasant vaping experience. Another reason for considering it is that it is available for just over $40.

Recoil Performance RDA (Grimm Green X Ohm Boy)

Grimm Green and Ohm Boy Josh have combined their expertise to create the Recoil Performance RDA. With two well-respected names in the vaping industry backing it, you can expect great quality from this RDA. It can hold a lot of e-liquid and it provides a lot of power thanks to the gold plated brass 510 pin and the PEEK insulator. The Recoil Performance RDA is also a versatile option due to the two different top caps that it features.

The Goon RDA

The Goon offers high quality built and thanks to its gold-plated terminals and plates, it offers amazing conductivity. In spite of its affordable price, the Goon offers advanced performance and elegant design. It certainly feels more expensive than the $55 that it costs. It offers versatility through its efficient airflow and lets you draw smoothly and in the way you prefer. While it is easy to use, it would be a better option for users who have previous experience creating their own builds.

Wotofo Sapor

The Sapor is ideal for beginners thanks to its ease of use, convenience and low price. It is designed to help you to avoid leaks and works very well. In addition, this dual coil option can hold a lot of e-juice and provides a great flavor experience and strong vapor production. Although the design is very simple, it is available in multiple colors and it features a good size. The flexibility and great control that the Sapor RDA allows you to enjoy, make it a great choice. It is available between $25 and $33 USD.

Wotofo Troll v2 RDA

Wotofo brings the second version of the Troll RDA, which is easy to use and it is capable of holding a large amount of e-liquid. The Troll RDA is mainly a cloud chasing RDA but it delivers great flavor as well. You can adjust the airflow for horizontal or angled slots and the Troll RDA comes with a large build deck (Velocity-style) with huge post holes that allow you to fit big coils without hassle. Thanks to the gold plated 510 pin, you can enjoy good connectivity.