Aspire Atlantis 2 Sub Ohm Tank Review

The Atlantis sub ohm tank revolutionazed the vaping industry and Aspire now offers the second version of this innovative device. The Aspire Atlantis 2 will impress you with the improvements that it brings. The coils are made of 100% organic cotton and there is a new 0.3ohm, as well as 1ohm coil, apart from the 0.5ohm coil that was already available. The tank has increased its capacity and it now can handle up to 3ml. When you get the Atlantis 2 Sub Ohm Tank kit, you get the tank, one 0.5ohm coil I(installed) and one 0.3ohm. Here we’ll find out more about the second version of the Atlantis Sub Ohm Tank.


The wattage range goes between 20 to 30W (0.5ohm coil) 40-50W (1ohm) 70-80W (with the 0.3ohm) and as previously mentioned, the tank has a capacity of 3ml. The wicking material used is 100% organic cotton and the drip tip is made out of proprietary stainless steel. The tank features redesigned dual adjustable airslots along with auxiliary airflow ring ar base of drip tip. You can enjoy amazing vapor production and intense flavor with this tank.

Using the Atlantis 2

It is possible to use the new coils with the original Atlantis tank and vice versa, Just keep in mind that when you use the 0.3ohm coil of the Atlantis 2 in the original Atlantis, the vapor and drip tip can get hotter quicker. Aspire recommends to use the 0.3ohm coil at 70-80W, but you can get good results even at 60W or above 80W. In order to get the best possible flavor, the best wattage is 80W. One of the best things about the Atlantis 2 is that the organic cotton used in the wicking material offers more flavor than the original coils. You can use the original Atlantis tank extensions with the Atlantis 2, but keep in mind that you will lose the wide bore drip tip featured on the Atlantis 2 and will have to use the original Atlantis’ drip tip as well. You can also use the Melo coils in the original Atlantis and the Atlantis 2.


The Atlantis 2 offers great airflow options that are comparable to other new sub ohm tanks in the market such as the Crown Uwell. The tank features two airflow holes that are open at all times and a variety of settings to select from. You can use the wide open options and then adjust them to suit your preferences. The wide bore drip tip also comes with small air flow holes that you can open or close, giving you more airflow while keeping the drip tip cool when you are vaping at higher wattages. The Atlantis 2 also deserves recognition thanks to its high quality built.

The fact that the Atlantis 2 comes with additional coils and that it offers a bigger wattage range are also significant advantages. Besides the 0.5ohm coil and the 0.3ohm coil included, you can get a 1ohm coil that is ideal for those who want higher wattage coil. You can enjoy a higher wattage range with the Atlantis 2 since it is possible to use different coils to get different amounts of vapor and flavor. You can make the necessary adjustments to find the option that suits your vaping preferences.


While the Atlantis 2 is not at the same level of options like the Herakles in terms of flavor, it still delivers a satisfying experience and you can enjoy fantastic flavor, particularly when you use the 0.3ohm coil at 80W. Compared to the original Atlantis, the Atlantis 2 offers better flavor production and thanks to the added air flow in the drip, the vapor stays cooler, even when you vape at higher wattages.

Vapor production

You can get amazing results in terms of vapor production when you use the 0.3ohm coil and the results put the Atlantis 2 in the same level as other impressive tanks like the Freemax Starre and the Herakles. Still, there are other options like the Vision MK and the High Voltage tank, which are still ahead in this area. The Atlantis 2 offers a great feel and it is built to last. You won’t experience leaking issues and the threading is quite good. If needed, you can easily disassemble the tank and then put it back together. That being said, removing the Pyrex glass for cleaning is slightly complicated, but it is not a major hassle.


The Atlantis 2 offers a significant improvement over the original Atlantis thanks to its additional airflow and increased capacity. The drip tip and the airflow are much better and they work perfectly with the 0.3ohm coil. The new coils are also better and although you can use them with the original Atlantis, it is important to keep in mind that the vapor can get quite hot at higher wattages since the old tank doesn’t have the same airflow. If you are getting your first sub ohm tank, the Atlantis would be a good choice thanks to its high quality built, but it should be noted that it is not the most affordable option available and it doesn’t include a Pyrex glass or RBA section. Still, it delivers good flavor and you can easily find replacement coils.