Matrix Sub Ohm Review

High Voltage is known for the sub ohm tank of the same name and is the same company behind the Matrix sub ohm. This tank has a capacity of 5ml and it comes with two vertical coils of 0.2ohm and 0.6ohm that can fire from 30 to 80W. It comes with large dual air flow holes and it also has an extra air flow hole in the drip tip. We’ll take a closer look at this tank to help you find out if it meets your needs.

Design and Presentation

The Matrix sub ohm has a remarkable design and apart from its great looks, it has a solid quality build. You won’t have to worry about leaks and the tank can be easily taken apart and refilled from the bottom. The connector pin at the bottom is made from silver, meaning that it is more conductive and can offer better connection with the box mod. The 5ml capacity ensures that you can vape for longer. The kit comes with one Matrix sub ohm dual BVC tank with High Voltage, one Matrix Widebore Drip Tip with 6.5 mm auxiliary airflow and one 0.2 ohm Matrix Coil, which has been previosuly installed. There is also one 0.6 ohm Matrix Coil. The wattage range is between 30 to 80W with the 0.2ohm coil and 30-80W with the 0.6ohm coil. The wicking material is 100% organic Japanese cotton.

Flavor and Vapor

When you vape at 30W, you can get great clouds, although the flavor is too subtle, almost imperceptible. If you go up to 40W, you can enjoy bigger clouds and slightly more flavor. At 50W, 60W and 80W, you can start getting fantastic vapor production and rich flavor, but the tank gets hot very quickly. 80W provides impressive clouds and strong, delicious flavor. However, it gets too hot to handle and it is pretty much impossible to endure on longer inhales. The best option in terms of flavor is to stick to 70W, although it could get uncomfortably hot.

If you use the 0.2ohm coil, you will notice that the flavor takes some time to be delivered. This coil provides the best results at 70W, but as previously mentioned, it can get too hot. You get faster delivery of flavor when using the 0.6ohm coil and the vapor may be even cooler with this option. The best results are obtained at 60-70W. Overall, the flavor and vapor production that the Matrix Sub Ohm offer are really good and the clouds are truly amazing when you vape at higher wattages.

The downsides

The Matrix offers great air flow and it comes with dual 14mm air flow holes at the bottom of the tank. The drip tip can be easily removed and it offers additional air flow, which keeps it cooler when you are vaping at higher wattages. The downside is that the drip-tip is not tightly attached and it feels wobbly. When you vape a lot, you will notice that it keeps moving around, which can be frustrating. The e-liquid well is not too deep so it is important to be careful when you use your own tips. You may also notice when you vape a lot that e-liquid can build up underneath the drip tip in the well.

Another issue with the tank that we have mentioned before, is the fact that it can get too hot, particularly when you use the 0.2ohm coil at higher wattages. In addition, there is no RBA section available, which can be a problem for users who want to rebuild their own coil. It should also be noted that the tank doesn’t come with instruction leaflets and the packaging doesn’t have any warning regarding the risks of sub ohm vaping. This is a safety measure that should be implemented to help users to avoid incidents.


The Matrix looks well and it offers remarkable vapor and flavor, although there are some issues that can affect your vaping experience. Unfortunately, the tank tends to get too hot when used at higher wattages. In addition, the drip tip wobbles around, which is annoying. Still, if you want massive clouds and rich flavor, it is a good option to consider.