Vapor Couture Disposables

Vapor Couture is designed to be stylish and geared towards women. The quality is high as they are a sister company of V2 Cigs, known as one of the best electronic cigarettes available today. With an experienced team of designers and engineers, Vapor Couture brings the latest and greatest in smokeless cigarettes with style. Vapor Couture has proven to be vogue among celebrities like Rhianna by offering stylish designs, clothing accessories and jewelry-like crystal tipped e-cigs. This electronic cigarette is definitely one for the girls, but not exclusively. Boys are allowed too, to each its own we say! It has done very well by introducing elegantly designed batteries with jewel tips and feminine accessories designed to match or accentuate your outfits. It might not be all a woman wants out of her electronic cigarette, but they also go the extra mile by offering a more mild electronic cigarette, with tasty balanced flavors.



VC-disposableVapor Couture also offers a disposable e-cig along with their line of products. Just like the rechargeable, it is elegantly slim and lightweight. Everything from the battery, atomizer and flavor cartridge are combined into one small unit. There is an LED light under the crystal tip that glows every time you puff. There is no assembly required. The single use battery and is ready to go straight from the box and can be disposed for recycling after use. It is available in three Vapor Couture signature designs and flavor colors being; Passion Fruit, which is a bold fruity flavor, comes in Rose Gold color. Arctic Mint, very popular menthol, in Brushed Platinum finish and Rodeo Drive, traditional American tobacco, in Deep Purple. Unfortunately, like most disposables, the nicotine amount is limited to 1.2% only.

Vapor volume is great and comparable to standard V2 Cigs disposables produced by the same company. We find that Vapor Couture catered to producing a smooth vapor that is not hard on the throat. The flavors are not too sweet and well balanced with just the right vapor amount. They are rated for 250 puffs and after testing a few for a week or so, they last for about 200, possibly a bit more but rarely hit 250. Like most disposables, after the first 100-150 puffs, taste and vapor volume diminishes. Good disposable to try out Vapor Couture, maybe a gift idea but we would suggest a to upgrade to a Vapor Couture starter kit for a better performing and cost effective electronic cigarette.


The Vapor Couture Disposable e-cigs are offered in 5 packs or 10 packs. Only one flavor per 5 pack, and the 10 pack pretty much consists of 2 x 5 Packs so you get to pick two flavors and designs. The 5 Pack costs $46.65 making it $9.33 per disposable e-cig. The 10 Pack is $82.97 making it $8.30 per disposable e-cigarette. This is a high quality disposable, and lasts for the equivalent of 1.5 to 2 packs of cigarettes depending on your vaping style, but you can find similar quality at a lower price. It’s a good deal for someone just trying it out as it won’t cost more than traditional cigarettes. Remember to also add-on a discount with our coupon codes to bring the price down another 10%.

There’s a few advantages with disposable e-cigs. It is easy to pass out to friends or family. Also you don’t feel bad when you inevitably misplace it. (Which happens to even the best of us!) They are single use and do not need to be assembled or charged before use. You use the e-cig until it runs dry, and once it does, you simply dispose of it. This is a great option for those who want try different flavors before they commit, or for the individual who is always on the road, and forgets their charger often. With the disposable ones you don’t have to remember all of that extra stuff or worry about losing it. When it’s done just throw it away!

Vapor Couture strikes a perfect balance between style and performance. It comes with several flavor options, it is a sleek design and style, and it is a product that is built to last. It runs the gamut with flavor options and there are several colors you can buy for the actual e cig. It is a bit pricier than some, but for the individual who wants quality, and a distinct look and feel, this product line is going to provide just that. Just don’t expect it to give you really hard kick because it was never really designed to do that.Visit our Vapor Couture review to learn more about their products and fashion accessories.