Halo Cigs Coupons

Halo Cigs Coupon Codes – 2014

campus05 – 5% Discount – Can be used on all purchases




How to use Halo Cigs coupon codes:

Halo Cigs is offering our customers and additional 5% discount on all purchases and existing offers. To use the coupon, you can simply enter it in the discount coupon box on the last checkout page before paying for your order. Once added, the discount will be applied to your final price.

About Halo Cigs Electronic Cigarettes

Halo Cigs set out to hit home with vapers and they did well. They offer two types of e-cigs, G6 traditional e-cigarettes and Triton Tank eGo styled vaporizers and produce their own line of high quality e-liquids. The e juice flavors stand out as being one of the more unique aspects of Halo Cigs and being all manufactured by them in the US, they also ensure the highest quality possible. Match that with long lasting batteries and you have a recipe for many satisfied and returning customers.

Halo also provides great customer service but a short warranty when comparing to other leading e-cig makers. You can get extra value from Halo Cigs with reward points and they also offer seasonal promotions and freebies with your purchase. We quickly go over the current offers from Halo Cigs below.


Halo Cigs Free 10ml Bottle of E-Liquid w/ Purchase of $20+

With every purchase of $20 or more, Halo Cigs is currently offering a free 10ml sample bottle of their Menthol X flavor. Menthol X is a hybrid of menthol and tobacco e-liquid, and although we have not had the opportunity to try it, it sounds intriguing and we would not mind trying it out for free, thumbs up for the freebie. You don’t have to do anything extra, the sample bottle is automatically added at checkout for all purchases of a minimum of $20.

Halo Rewards Points Program

Halo Cig customers benefit from collecting Halo points through their reward program. The basic way to earn points is by making purchases, but everyone has the opportunity to collect extra points with social media mentions and reviews. You can redeem 1000 points for a full 30ml bottle of Halo juice in the flavor of your choice.

How to earn Halo Points:

15 Points for Sharing Halo Cigs on Social Media Networks
25 Points for Writing a Product Review on Halo
100 Points for every $19.99 spent
250 Points for referring a friend to Halo Cigs

Halo Cigs Free Shipping

For all orders of $75 or more, you can benefit from free shipping on behalf of Halo Cigs. Free Shipping is only offered for orders in the US and are sent my USPS priority mail. To take advantage of the free shipping offer, ensure your basket has $75.00 or more after discount codes have been applied and without the added amount of taxes. Free Shipping will appear under the shipping selection dropdown, ensure you select FREE USPS Priority Mail and you will have all shipping charges removed.

Why Halo Cigs?

There’s not much negative to say about Halo Cigs electronic cigarettes. Both the G6 and Triton Tank devices we’re impressive in performance and durability. Halo Cigs also pays attention to small design details that make it easy to love your device. Batteries and performance are really great and they are easily one of the top brands available today. Their e-liquid is made from nothing but premium ingredients and with flavors so unique, it may take you some time to get accustomed to them.