Kangertech Subox Mini Review

Sub-ohm vaping on a budget! A few years back, vapers only relied on mechanical mods to fire coils with a resistance below 1 ohm in order to blow monster clouds. With so many features at such a low price point, I recommend the Kangertech Subox Mini as a first device to newbie vapers straight away rather than starting from pen type e-cigs. It is ‘pocketable’, small and light, lasts the whole day and looks the part with its red/black and white/black color combination. It is simple to use and will satisfy both newbie and veteran vapers alike. Vapers around the world love this little device so much that it even has thousands of photos and followers on Instagram!

My red and black Kangertech Subox Mini.



The Kangertech Subox Mini allows pass-through charging, perfect for those who sit beside a computer all day. Charging can even be done from the usb port on your car while driving to work. The bright menu screen shows ohm resistance, wattage and battery level.

Wattage starts at 7 watts up to 50 watts and is more than enough for the average vaper. Adjustments on the power output to your atomizer are adjusted through 2 plus and minus buttons on the side. The battery compartment is held on by 4 magnets that hold the compartment door shut as you carry the subox in your pocket. It Kangertech Subox Mini get its power from a single 18650 flat top battery and has a standard 510 threaded connection for your favorite tank or dripper atomizer.

Standard safety features include reverse battery protection, 10 second timer, and over heat protection.

Subtank Atomizer

Battle tested Subtank! Still vapes like day one.

The moment you see this tank, it makes you want to have it! The lines and red accents on the Kangertech Subox Mini compliment those on the tank logos. A big plus from Kangertech is the included rebuildable deck that gives you the option to build and install your own coils. I use a spaced 0.4 ohm coil that I fire at 20 watts, and whohoooo! It blows cloud after cloud of delicious vapor.

There are 2 generous juice holes for perfect wicking with an adjustable airflow ring on the tank’s base to adjust your draw from a mouth to lung type of draw to a direct lung inhale. The black delrin drip tip keeps the heat off your lips while vaping.

Packaging is one of the best I’ve seen, sort of a box that Apple would use on its phones. It comes with 2 premade OCC coil heads with ohm ratings at 1.5 and 0.5.

There are also a couple of coils that you can slap inside the rebuildable tank section plus a pack of Japanese cotton, a mini USB cord and a little blue screw driver and tiny screws. Kangertech thoughtfully included a few strips of red stickers for your batteries so that the red and black overall look continues on to your batteries through the Kangertech window.

Subtank OCC heads @ 1.5 and 0.5 ohms
Subtank OCC heads @ 1.5 and 0.5 ohms


Stickers, Manual and Authenticity card.
Stickers, Manual and Authenticity card.
Japanese cotton, little blue screw driver and extra coils.
Japanese cotton, little blue screw driver and extra coils.


I use the Kangertech Subox daily with its included subtank as well as other drippers and tanks in my arsenal. The airflow and juice channels from the Subox tank does a good job in keeping the cotton saturated with e-juice at all times. 50 watts is a lot of power for average vapers and I personally don’t usually go up more than 40 watts depending on my atomizer and juice combo. The menu screen shows your power settings and newbie vapers can easily experiment with their settings to see how moving the power up and down affects the warmth and amount of vapor it produces.

The 2 premade vertical OCC coils give an beautiful first impression to newbies. They work flawlessly for a month or 2 before purchasing new ones. Don’t forget to prime these using it for the first time or else you’ll be throwing these in the trash. Just put a few drops on the top and sides of the coil head and you’re good to go.

Bottom line

As expected, the Kangertech Subox Mini does come with several issues. The paint on the tank and tank atomizer chips off in daily normal use. There is a terrible spit back issue when firing your sub ohm coils at higher watts. This is quite painful and burns the tip of my tongue. The 510 connector is not spring loaded but have not caused any issues with my other atomizers. The 50 watt limit may also be a deal breaker for some vapers that use dual coil tanks for the Subox. An additional purchase of a high quality battery is needed to use the device, adding to its total purchase price.

As I weigh the Pros and Cons and have used the device through its paces (obvious from the pictures), I love how I can carry the device on your pocket without the noticeable bulk with bigger mods. The rebuildable section is very easy to build with a few inches of kanthal and a strip of organic cotton. The Kangertech Subox Mini fits comfortably in the hand with rounded edges on both sides of the device. It holds its charge throughout the day I simply top up my tank with my favorite juice before I leave the house.

The ability to fire sub ohm coils is one of the best features of the Kangertech Subox mini. The tank does not leak with a proper build and can produce massive clouds with a sub-ohm coil installed. If you have been eyeing this device for some time now, don’t hesitate purchasing it. The Kangertech Subox Mini is a must have device for your collection and now even costs less than it was first introduced in the market. The only problem I see is deciding what color to pick. Happy vaping!