Tesla Sidewinder 2 Review

eGo Style personal vaporizers have been around for a while but in recent years, they have become very powerful and for many vapers, they are the favorite option. These deveices have managed to meet the needs of those who are not into the original eGos or mods, but who want something in the middle. The original eGo vape pens brought innovation to the world of e-cigs, offering a design that was unique and that didn’t resemble traditional cigarettes.

In addition, these devices are known for their impressive batteries and the fact that they can be refilled with e-liquid. Many modern eGo vapes feature batteries above 1600 mAh limit, variable voltage and it is even possible to find devices that support sub Ohm vaping. One of the devices that will impress vapers thanks to its remarkable battery is the Tesla Sidewinder 2. This is one of the eGo style devices available in the market that can deliver powerful performance thanks to features like 2000 mAh battery and voltage control adjustment. In this review, we will focus on this affordable and powerful solution.

Presentation and Design

The Tesla Sidewinder 2 is available for $25.95 and it comes in an elegant black cardboard box and that is just the start. Inside the box, there is a compact sized, sleek vaping device made out of stainless steel.It is available in Blue, Black, Silver and Purple. Although the Tesla SideWinder 2 is inexpensive, the downside is that it doesn’t come with a charger or tank, you can get kits that include the product, along with a charger and tank. Otherwise, you can buy an eGo charger and tank separately online, keeping the cost very reasonable. You have the possibility of customizing the device according to your preferences.

The Tesla Sidewinder 2 is 132mm long an has a diameter of 19mm. While you won’t be able to use a sub-ohm tank with it, you can get a a lot of power and flexibility. We would have liked to see a micro-USB port on the Sidewinder 2 as this could be used as a pass-through, saving you the hassle of removing the tank whenever you have to recharge it.

The 2000 mAH battery is very powerful but the problem is that it can take a couple of hours to charge when you use a regular eGo charger connected to a standard USB port.
There is a small ring at the top but since it has separate threading, you don’t need to remove it while using the battery with an eGo. This stainless ring adds elegance to the battery and the power button and voltage adjustment dial have been implemented in a way that suits the overall appearance of the Sidewinder 2.


You can turn the device on and off just by pressing the power button five times and you will see it features LED notification light. At the bottom, you will see the voltage adjustment dial, which is convenient and works very well. You can adjust the voltage from 3.3V up to 4.8V, which gives you a great deal of flexibility, no matter what kind of tank you use. If you combine the Sidewinder with the Aerotank V2 or a similar tank, you will get a remarkable vapor volume. You can get a full day of vaping or more (this depends on the voltage used), which makes the Sidewinder a great option for use on the go. The Sidewinder is a versatile device that is easy to use and it is a good way to get familiar with variable voltage before you upgrade to a mechanical mod or an advanced vaporizer.

In order to enjoy a seamless experience with the Sidewinder 2, there are a few tips that you can consider. The first thing to keep in mind is that if the LED indicator flashes and the battery is not powering the clearomizer, you need to recharge. In order to recharge the eGo battery, you will have to unscrew the clearo and attach the charger to plug it to the USB port or the wall adapter. Once the battery starts to charge, the LED indicator will light up and you will see a blinking red notification light, which will then be turned off. The indicator light on the charger should turn green, but if it doesn’t change to green after a few hours, it may not establish a proper connection with the pin of the battery. This can be fixed by twisting it tighter but if it doesn’t work, it is likely that you need to get a new one.

In case the LED indicator light did turn off but when the Tesla Sidewinder 2 is not powering your clearomizer, you can press the firing button 5 times until you see that it flashes. If it doesn’t, unscrew the eGo charger, adjust the voltage indicator to 4.2V and then connect the charger again. This should take care of some charging issues that you may come across with the Sidewinder 2.


The highlight of the Tesla Sidewinder 2 is its ease of use. This device can deliver incredible clouds when used with a good quality tank and in most cases, you will be able to enjoy a whole day of vaping, maybe even more. The price is very reasonable and it will appeal to anyone who is looking to move from a two piece e-cig or a 650mAh eGo to the next level of vaping. With the Tesla Sidewinder 2, you can get familiar with variable voltage so it is a good starter option before going for a mechanical mod.