Aspire Pegasus Box Mod Review

Aspire has built a solid reputation in the vaping industry thanks to popular products like the Atlantis, Triton and Nautilus. They are also producing mods like the tube-style CF Mod and the CF Maxx, as well as box mods like the ESP 30W. To get ahead of other options available in the market, Aspire has taken things to the next level with the 70W Pegasus, a mod that features temperature control and elegant design. Here is more about Aspire’s Pegasus.


The Box Mod comes with one micro USB cable and a user manual. It comes with a replaceable 18650 Li-battery, a low battery indication system and temperature warning. The mod stands out for its sleek design and it is available in different versions including Brushed Chrome and Brushed Brass. Aspire has certainly made an effort to offer a great looking mod that will attract many vapers. The mod has an elegant finish and while it falls into the box mod category, it has a particular shape that makes it very comfortable to hold. The display is bright and clear, offering you a great experience overall.


The Pegasus is more than just stunning appearance. It is also a reliable mod that will allow you to enjoy a pleasant and fulfilling vaping experience. It works with multiple atomizers and the Ohm reader offers accurate information. Aspire paid attention to the design and it also has ensured that the quality of the device matches the great finish that the mod sports. The battery life is good, but it will depend on your preferences. can last you throughout the day if you use the mod at lower temperatures. If you prefer to vape at a higher temperature, it is advisable to keep an extra battery that is fully charged.

The mod is very easy to use and it won’t take too long until you become familiar with all that it offers. You won’t have problems reading the screen since it is bright and straight-forward. The super-clicky fire button locks and unlocks your device when you press it five times. There is a spinning wheel to adjust the wattage/temperature, instead of the up and down arrows that are commonly used. The wheel increases the temperature 10 watts when you spin it fast. The Temperature Control feature offers the best results when used with Ni200 (Nickel), but you can try other options like Titanium. It is not possible to switch the heat coefficient so the Pegasus regulates it itself.

To access the Temperature Control mode, simply hold the power button down for a few seconds. The wattage wheel will turn into a temperature dial once it detects the TC coil. The downside is that it is not possible to switch between Nickel and Titanium ans Stainless Steel is not an available option. The lack of support for Stainless Steel coils (even though Aspire manufactures them) and the fact that the Pegasus is heavier than other options, are the main downsides of this otherwise excellent mod.


The first thing to highlight about the Pegasus is its elegant appearance and its solid built. It is made to last and you can hold it comfortably. The mod is easy to use and it features a single 18650 battery that can be replaced. The Temperature Control mode is a convenient feature to have as it gives you more control over vaping. While the mod is bulky and heavy, it offers reliable performance and it gives you up to 70 watts and it works well with Nickel or Kanthal coils. You can get it online for less than $50, which means that it is also an affordable option, specially considering its great quality.