Xolo Preview – An innovation in the world of vaping

XOLO is focused on vaping and it offers style, simplicity, ease of use and a solid experience. Through its products, the company is hoping to give people an option that can truly revolutionize the way in which they vape. Their devices are set to be simple, efficient and they are very easy to use. We will take a look at what XOLO offers.

Xolo’s concept

Xolo’s CEO and founder Dr. Taman Powell knows first-hand the advantages of vaping. He quit smoking a long time ago and has tried different types of vapes, from cig-alikes to RDAs, RTAs and variable wattage mods. When he started XOLO, his main interest was to bring other vapers the chance to use an advanced device and to help people who wanted to quit smoking. Many people compare Xolo to Apple in the sense that like the electronics and computers giant, Xolo strives to offer simple and beautiful products that can be enjoyed by different users.

Regardless of the type of vaper that you are, you will find something interesting about Xolo. It offers advanced technology and modern design that will appeal to those who want to stand out from the crowd. At the same time, it will be a great solution for long-time smokers who just want a simple and effective way to leave tobacco behind. All you need to do is to slide the mouthpiece and puff. The flavor pods can be removed and changed in just a few seconds. When you need to charge the device, you just have to slid the mouthpiece to see a USB type-C connection. Even if you are new in the world of vaping, you will be able to enjoy Xolo without complications. Xolo is an ideal solution for people who want to move from smoking to vaping since it is easy to use and very enjoyable.

Sleek and discreet

Many manufacturers create products that have unique design and that can be clearly recognized as vaping devices. Although some people want devices that stand out, others prefer simplicity. Just like Apple opted for a design that is beautiful and unique, but that can still be enjoyed by a wider audience, XOLO has created devices that are stylish, but that can suit many types of vapers. The XOLO vape is mainly made from polycarbonate and it is available in grey, white and black. It will easily fit in your hand. Apart from being comfortable, the XOLO looks great. If the appearance of your device is important, but you also want a solution that easily blends and that can be used without drawing too much attention to you, the XOLO will be perfect for you.
Variety of flavors

Another aspect that is important for many people is flavor and they are specially keen on having a wide selection to choose from. The XOLO offers the chance of enjoying an amazing list of options including sweet and traditional blends. You can enjoy refreshing, minty flavors, as well as fruits, desserts, spices and more.


The XOLO comes backed up by an experienced, highly professional team and it focuses on offering great looks, as well as ease of use. The combination of simplicity and attractive style make the XOLO vape a great option to consider. In addition, it offers a wide selection of flavors to ensure that you enjoy a varied and rich vaping experience.