Genius Pipe Review

The Genius Pipe is an innovative product that can change the way in which you see smoking. You can forget about bongs, papers and other materials that have been traditionally associated to smoking, because Genius Pipe replaces them with advanced options. Its features are set to impress you and people around the world are raving about the Genius Pipe as a revolutionary way to smoke. In this review, you will find out more about this device and will learn, if it really is the future of smoking.

What does the Genius Pipe offer?

The Genius Pipe features stylish design, an all-aluminum finish and the dimples within it, allow it to cool and filter smoke. Since Aluminium is a safe material that is widely used, it is a great option for a metal bowl. One of the things that make the Genius Pipe stand out is the fact that it has a water-less filtration system that doesn’t affect the taste when you puff. There is a sliding spill and smell proof cover that wraps the smoking material, which further improves your smoking experience. Many people around the world have tried the Genius Pipe and the vast majority are happy with the results. The gadget has received high ratings and it continues growing in popularity, thanks to its ground-breaking design and high quality.

What is so amazing about the Genius Pipe?

With the Genius Pipe, you get just what you are expecting as the product is true to its advertising. It works as it is meant to work and you can experience smoother, more subtle hits. You don’t need a lot of draws to get a satisfying smoking experience. Thanks to its unique, modern design, it will change the way you smoke and you won’t need to worry about burns, coughing and choking. You can simply focus on enjoying your new smoking experience. The Genius Pipe is easy to use and it works without major hassle, plus it lasts for a long time and it is perfect for using oils, thanks to the Genius Stone accessory. Customers have also praised the high quality of the screens and the artwork on the device. Another advantage of ordering the Genius Pipe is that you can receive it very quickly, anywhere in the world. The company is willing to replace lost orders and it always delivers great customer support.

Overall, the Genius Pipe is a remarkable product, but there is still room for improvement. Many people would prefer to see a deeper bowl in the device and some complain about the fact that the Genius Pipe has to be cleaned on a regular basis in order to get the best performance. You also need to be careful if the product is too full as you may see the slide cover dragging some of the product out of the slide or under it. You may also notice that the screen clogs very fast after you have used it on multiple occasion. The Genius Pipe is a good choice for those who have been traditional smokers for a long time, and also for those who enjoy bongs, bowls and papers. It would suit different styles and it offers a smooth, enjoyable smoking alternative.

What are the advantages of using the Genius Pipe?

The Genius Pipe will amaze you with its beautiful and elegant design that is available in multiple options and a colorful artwork. The device is ideal for travelling due to its compact build. You can easily carry it around in your bag or pocket so if you are constantly going from one place to the other one, give the Genius Pipe a chance. Another advantage is the subtle packaging, which ensures that others won’t see what you are purchasing. The device itself is also very discreet, so you can use it without drawing too much attention.

The Genius Pipe is also safer to use and in a way, healthier than regular smoking methods like bowls and papers. Thanks to its design, the Genius Pipe cools down the smoke and filters it evenly and perfectly, keeping your lungs protected with every draw. Since the Genius Pipe doesn’t use water to cool smoke, all the unfiltered taste of the smoking material is preserved. The Genius Pipe allows you to keep enjoying the taste and it cools and filters your smoke. Thanks to the sliding cover, your stash remains sealed and you won’t see crumbs all over the place. Another highlight of the Genius Pipe is that it enables you to enjoy a smooth smoke, and there won’t be more choking or coughing, just an enjoyable experience that will last for a long while. The Genius Pipe is durable and requires very little maintenance.

What are the downsides?

As we mentioned before, there are some cons or at least some things that we would like to see improved. The main one is the price. The Genius Pipe is more expensive than other devices of its kind. While the original line costs over $150, Genius Pipe also offers a more affordable solution. The budget line is loyal to the main ideas of the Genius Pipe and it supports a variety of amazing designs.

The anodized aluminum also comes with 2000 tiny dimples inside and they all work together to form millions of vortices with each and every breath. This allows it to cool and filter the smoke. The concept is based in Zen design, which focuses on giving users more time to relax and focus on enjoying their smoking experience. In order to put the product inside, you just need to slide the screen down and place it inside. After that, in order to smoke, you just need to move the screen up and draw the logo on the Genius Pipe. It is incredibly easy. It is also possible to change the screens any time you want as the two-tiered bowl is capable of holding any 0.7-inch screen. The screen installation is simple and won’t take a long time.

How to clean the Genius Pipe

  1. Start by separating the top and bottom
  2. Wipe the whole pipe down with a high percentage alcohol (70%). It is advisable not to use any professional pipe cleaning products. The problem with these is that they can damage the artwork of your Genius Pipe.
  3. Next, wipe the whole pipe down with a dry cloth.
  4. Attache the top and the bottom again and that is all.

Genius Pipe Accessories

There are many accessories available that will help you to complement your smoking needs alongside the Genius Pipe. First of all, you have the carrying case, which is available in a variety of colors and it protects your Genius Pipe from the elements and from potential damage. It is very easy to carry thanks to the fact that it is very lightweight and it comes complete with great features including a carabiner clip that allows you to attach it easily.

There is also the EVOLUTION Slider Black that features a simple black design that is very appealing and it is created by taking inspiration on customers’ requests and the fourth rule of zen design, which makes things easier. It is a must-have accessory. You can also have the EVOLUTION Slider as EVOLUTION Slider Gold and EVOLUTION Slider Silver.

The Genius Stone is another accessory that is worth noticing and it won’t produce any smoke or vapour. Instead, it allows material such as oil to vaporize inside of it to allow a pure, undiluted taste. You can buy it individually or in packs of three.

The Genius Taster supports concentrates, it is made of superior titanium II material and it can be cleaned with medical grade ultrasound equipment. There is also the Genius TruTaste Screen, which is resistant to high temperatures. It is a pipe screen that removes all drawbacks that can arise from using a pipe screen, like a metallic taste and loose wires. You can also but the TruTaste screen in sets of three of ten.

The Grinder Slider Back is a limited edition that was released to meet customers’ demands. The Original Genius Pouch, this is a simple necessity that is a velvet proof sleeve with golden letters.


The Genius Pipe is an astounding device that offers a great selection of features and a beautiful design. It can change the way in which you see smoking as it brings a stylish, unique and elegant design that also offers a healthier and safer alternative to smoking. It is definitely worth trying.