V2 Pro Series 3 Vaporizer

v2pro-colorsV2 is making headlines once more after launching their brand new eGo sized vaporizer tank system. They called the new V2 Pro Series 3 the newest innovation to hit the market. The series 3 is a tank system that is first and foremost designed for e-liquid and V2 has designed magnetic attachment cartridges for a quick snap on and snap off functionality. The design build is very sleek and solid all around, one of the nicest vaporizers we have seen. To refill the tank cartridges, unscrew the top piece, fill it with your favorite e-liquid drip bottle and screw the top back on. Simply place the cartridge back on top of the vaporizer body and the magnet snaps on.

cartridges-v2proWhat really makes the V2 Pro Series 3 innovative, is the capability of using different type tanks for just about any medium along with smart recognition of the tank types. You are not limited to using this vaporizer solely for nicotine e-liquid. The vaporizer tank system also offers tanks designed for loose leave mediums, dry and medicinal herbs as well as oil concentrate cartridge tanks. Each of the 3 tanks are labelled with an image for you to differentiate them. Even better the device recognizes the type of tank you have inserted and self-adjusts power and temperature settings, so you never have to configure the device yourself. We have to admit, having 3 different tanks for e-liquid, dry leaf and oil concentrates certainly adds versatility and eliminates the need to have multiple devices.


The design was certainly a big focus of V2 Pro. Available in 3 different color finishes, the vaporizer was built to have a uniform width between the body and tank, everything seems seamless, flat and very well built. Using it was very straight forward, insert the cartridge and press the button. The V2 Pro Series 3 automatically detects the type of medium cartridge inserted and starts raising the temperature at optimal level, when the light turns green, you are ready to puff.

This is a really cool product just on design alone. The magnets are a nice touch that make it a breeze to swap out the tanks. At $25 each cartomizer for herbal and oil application, you can have a triple usage vaporizer for just $125.00, but the good thing is that you don’t need to spend extra money for what you don’t need, bringing the price down if all you need is one or two tank types. V2 Cigs has a full line of pro vaporizers scheduled to be released, being the Series 7 this fall and the Series 9 at the start of next year. Each device is more powerful and bigger than the previous one and we can’t wait to see the goodies they have reserved for us. With that said, we can be sure the Series 3 will remain the best compact option of the 3.