Kanger AeroTank Review

Kangertech is a respected name in the vaping community thanks to the high quality of its products. The manufacturer offers impressive tanks/clearomizers, as well as batteries. One of the most remarkable devices created by Kanger is the Aero Tank V3, which stands out for its amazing adjustable airflow feature. The kit comes with the Kanger Aero tank. 2 coils, one Beauty Ring and a user manual. The Aero Tank comes with a 510 connection thread and it has a tank capacity of 2.5ml. The bottom dual coil can be replaced and it offers a resistance of 2.0 Ohm, as well as adjustable airflow, as previously mentioned. We’ll find out more about it in this review.


The Aero tank is ideal for use with a Kanger Emow battery and it also works well with the JAC vapor series available in the UK. The Aero battery is bigger than the standard ego battery, and while it will still be possible to use it with any 510 ego, it is likely that it will be wider than the battery. The tank on the other hand, is slightly slimmer than options such as the Aspire Nautilus. You can use the Aero Tank without hassle and the adjustable airflow ring gives you flexibility. In order to change the airflow, you just need to twist the ring and move it up and down. To open the air hole wider, you need to move the ring more to get a higher amount of air flow.

When you get the kit, you receive two coils, although it should be noted that the tank itself doesn’t come with a coil, which means that you only have one replacement coil. Make sure that you put one of the coils in, before filling up the tank since the coil has not been previously installed. You can screw the coil into the tank effortlessly and once the coil is installed, you just have to fill the tank using the e-liquid of your choice. You can pour the e-liquids down the sides of the two spaces in the tank, avoiding the middle. It is advisable to wait for a few seconds to allow the wick to absorb the e-liquid so that you can start vaping without issues.

Does it really live up to the expectations?

Before the Aero Tank was launched, there are a lot of hype and users were eager to get their hands on it. The good news is that Kangertech has really delivered and the Aero Tank is one of the most impressive devices available. It hasn’t disappointed as it offers great performance and features that make it worth considering. The adjustable airflow is one of the main highlights of this tank. Although it is not as simple as the Kanger Emow tank, it allows you to tune the airflow with remarkable precision so you can get the exact results that you want. You have freedom to adjust the airflow to your liking, by twisting the ring until you get the best setting.

In addition to the advantages of its adjustable airflow, the Aero Tank offers a slim design, making it easy to carry and comfortable to use. It has a convenient size and it can be used with the Kanger Emow batteries, as well as JAC Vapour series as previously mentioned. In terms of flavor, the Aero Tank will allow you to enjoy rich, enjoyable taste. The vapor production is also fantastic and it goes beyond what other popular tanks can offer. When you allow more airflow, you get bigger clouds so you have control over the vapor production.

Overall, the Aero Tank is a solid device and there is very little to complain about. Perhaps the only downside is that it uses up more liquid than other tanks, but at least you get greater flavor and vapor production in return. The Kangertech Aero Tank is ideal for users who want to have more control over the vapor production. If you are looking for an option similar to the Kanger Pro Tank, or wish to try a good alternative to Aspire, the Aero Tank is the way to go.