Aspire Triton Sub Ohm Tank Review

The Aspire Triton is a fantastic device that proves that Aspire is at the top of the game when it comes to sub ohm tanks. The tank has a 3.5ml capacity and it includes a 0.4ohm coil that can reach between 25 and 30W and a 1.8ohm coil that offers a mouth-to-lung vaping experience ranging from 10 to 13W. They also offer an additional option: a 0.3ohm coil that can reach 55-65W. The 1.8ohm coils uses Kanthal, while the 0.4 and the 0.3ohm are stainless steel. The Aspire Triton Kit is available for $50.

Design and Performance

The Triton was designed with durability and versatility in mind. While it has a strong built, it is lightweight and has an elegant finish. Apart from its good design, the Aspire Triton stands out for details like its top filling capability, the extra capacity of the tank and the protective steel casing that wraps the Pyrex glass. Thanks to the heat sink in the drip tip, it doesn’t overheat. The 1.8ohm coil is a remarkable addition that provides a pleasant mouth to lung vaping experience. It is the ideal choice for concentrated PG e-liquids. This coils delivers great vaping results and it allows you to get an intense flavor with every draw. While there is no much in terms of vapor production, the overall experience is very satisfying.

With the 0.4ohm, the trick is to stay between 30-35W to enjoy better flavor and keep the tank cool while you use this coil. You can also try the coil at 25W for decent vapor production and vapor. The 0.3ohm is probably the weakest coil since the flavor is not as intense and enjoyable as it is with the other coils. In addition, the tank heats up way more and gets really warm when you use the 0.3ohm coil. If you vape at 50-55W, you won’t get much flavor or vapor, but if you go up to 60W, the vapor starts getting very hot and it is difficult to handle the tank.

The 1.8ohm coil takes the leading role because it balances vapor and flavor, offering a great mouth-to-lung option. If this is your favorite way of vaping, you’ll be glad to see that Aspire offers this as part of its Triton tank. It makes the device more versatile as it allows it to work as a sub ohm tank and as a mouth to lung clearomizer. The 1.8ohm coil delivers an amazing flavor that is ahead of what other Aspire devices’ coils (including those in the nautilus Mini), can provide. In fact, the coil works so well that it is great for vaping all day long. The flavor is great with both the 1.8ohm and the 0.4ohm coil.

You will be able to use Aspire Atlantis 2 coils with the Triton and the device also supports RBA. It is clear that Aspire aims to offer users flexibility to enjoy vaping in the way they prefer. The RBA section is a great addition, but you will need to buy it separately for $12. Unlike the Atlantis 2, which didn’t support other drip tips apart from the default option, the Triton’s 510 drip tip can be removed and you can use your own drip tips if preferred. Thanks to the added air flow and heat sink, the drip tip remains cool. The air flow in the Triton is very similar to the one in the Atlantis 2. You can adjust it easily to get the kind of draw that suits your needs.


While the steel cover adds protection to the Pyrex glass tank, which is good since in case it breaks, it is not possible to buy a new one. You will need to replace the whole tank so make sure that you handle the glass carefully. One issue to keep in mind is that due to the fact that the coil sits too high in the tank, there would be some e-liquid that remains at the bottom of the tank and that you won’t be able to use. In addition, since the glass can’t be removed, cleaning the tank thoroughly can be very challenging. Whne you change flavors, you need to empty the liquid that is left and then rinse out the tank with water to get rid of any trace of e-juice.

Although the 3.5ml capacity means that the Triton offers more than its predecessor, the Atlantis 2, it is still small compared to what other tanks offer. Many users would prefer at least 4ml in order to enjoy a longer lasting vaping experience. Due to the small capacity, the tanks gets through the e-liquid much quicker. Another downside is that the tank gets too hot when you use the 0.3ohm coil. It is advisable to stick to low wattage, otherwise holding the tank becomes unbearable. Finally, compared to other sub ohm tanks,the Triton is expensive.


The Aspire Triton offers versatile vaping, great flavor and beautiful design.Many users will love the fact that it doubles as a mouth to lung and as a sub ohm vaping. The 0.4ohm and the 1.8 coils are remarkable and the latter, is what helps the Triton to be a good option for mouth-to-lung vaping fans. It is also great to see that a RBA section is available, although it would be great that it was included in the kit. In spite of some flaws, the Triton is a good option that showcases Aspire’s great quality.