SmokeTip Coupons

SmokeTip E-Cigs Coupon Codes

campus10 10% Discount – Can be used on starter kit purchases only


How to use SmokeTip coupon codes:

SmokeTip offers our visitors an exclusive 10% discount on their starter kit. To use this coupon, you will locate the ‘Redeem Coupon’ at the Order Confirmation page, simply click apply and 10% discount will be applied to your starter kit price.

About SmokeTip Electronic Cigarettes

SmokeTip looks unsuspectingly simple, with standard white batteries and color coded cartridges, they only offer 1 starter kit. The website matches the tone with a very plain design, but please, do not let yourself overlook them! Behind the simplicity, you might surprise your socks off at how good the SmokeTip e-cigs and flavors really are.

With 22 flavors to pick from, you have choice but more importantly, SmokeTip delivers amazing e-liquid and have really developed bold yummy cartridges that last from the start to the end. The fruit line is some of the best you can get. That is a very important detail, as many popular brands drop in flavor after sometimes as little as 50 puffs. The marketing is minimal which can throw you off, but try it for yourself and you will be sold.


SmokeTip Cartridge Deals

Although SmokeTip only offers a single starter kit, they have a very unique purchasing system when buying re-fills. If you buy 3 x 10 packs of cartridges, you get a free SmokeTip battery, buy 6 and get a battery and charger kit, and if you buy 10 x 10 packs of cartridges, you get the full SmokeTip starter kit for free! If that was not good enough, shipping is always free. With this system, you get more than you need and I often gift batteries away. Why? Because SmokeTip has an awesome lifetime battery replacement warranty.

SmokeTip Batteries for Life Warranty

SmokeTip calls it ‘the best warranty on the planet’ and it really is a great deal. If your battery fails at any time after your purchase, you can RMA it and get a free replacement with your next cartridge purchase, for life, 100% of the time, no questions asked. For those who hate RMA’s, going back to the cartridge deals, you still get more free batteries than you could use.

SmokeTip Flavor of the Week

The Flavor of the Week offer rotates all of the SmokeTip flavors every week, giving you the chance to try out something new and be a little adventurous. Instead of the larger 10 packs usually offered, you get to try one flavor in a 5 pack format for $8.

SmokeTip eCig Savings Calculator

SmokeTip allows you to quickly find out how much money you would save every year by switching from tobacco smoking to SmokeTip e-cigarettes. With two sliding bars, you set the number of cigarettes you smoke per day, and how much you pay per pack, and your savings for the year are tallied for you. Money is always great incentive to get you going, think of that vacation in the Bahamas you want so badly.