Hana Modz One Box Mod Review

The Hana Modz One Mod comes with the Evolv DNA40 chip with battery compartments that can be switched and its design is modern and edgy. The kit comes with Hana Modz One, one Single 18650 battery case, one dual 18650 battery case and a retractable USB cord. It doesn’t come with a battery, but it works with 18650 batteries like LG HE2 or LG HE 4. The Hana is a 40 watt regulated mod with .1 incremental wattage adjustment. It has a 510 floating connector and its OLED display shows you information on voltage, wattage, ohm, temperature and battery. The device also has overcharge protection and it comes with a 3-month manufacturer’s warranty.

Presentation and Design

The packaging is fairly basic and it even feels a bit cheap. It is a simple clear plastic box that only has a foam insert that doesn’t offer a lot of protection for the device. However, it ensures it is effective and ensures that the device gets to you in good condition. Still, given that Hana stands for high quality, we would like to see more attention to detail and better quality in terms of the packaging of the device. The mod itself is mainly made of plastic, which makes it very light. The issue is that the plastic build doesn’t feel as solid as aluminium units and when you press it, there is a squeak that can become a nuisance.

Another downside is that the pieces don’t seem to fit well. You will notice a gap between the battery compartment and the main part of the mod, where the chip and fire button are. The fact that the pieces of the mod are not a perfect match is quite disappointing and we hope that Hana addresses the issue in future models. The One Mod doesn’t have vent holes, which also will leave users questioning if the manufacturer really paid attention to the design of the device. The vast majority of mods available feature vent holes and not including them in the One Mod is a major oversight on Hana’s behalf. In spite of the issues, the size of the mod is a good point that deserves to be highlighted. It is small, compact and ideal for taking with you on the go. With the Hana Modz One, you will be able to enjoy a subtle and practical vaping experience.


The device comes with the Evolv DNA40 chip, which is considered by many as one of the best technologies available at the moment.It offers efficient and seamless performance. You will be able to control the temperature without hassle and while the mod only supports up to 40 watts of power, you will be able to manage the settings with great precision. Since the temperature control works flawlessly, you can vape with versatility and enjoy your vaping at high or low temperatures. It is possible to lock the atomizer resistance, which further enhances your experience with the temperature control feature. Overall, temperature control is the main strength of the Hana Modz One.

Ease of use

Another good point for the Hana MOdz One is that it is very easy to use, thanks again in great part due to the DNA40 chip that powers the device. All the functions work well and teh buttons are easy to manage. However, it should be noted that in order to fire the device, you have to press below the fire button, which can be slightly more difficult. Using the battery compartments is simple and you just need to pull firmly on the door to open the compartment that holds the batteries. The batteries have to be inserted with the positive side down. Getting the mod ready to be used is not difficult and once you place the battery in and press the two metal strips together, it should be set to go.


Although it comes with some design flaws, the Hana Modz One offers solid performance due to its powerful DNA40 chip. Without a doubt, that is the highlight of the device and it is the feature that will attract users. The One Mod is not the most impressive option in terms of design or packaging, but its convenient size and interchangeable battery compartment are some positive aspects that make it worth considering. You can get the kit for just under $20, which makes the One mod an affordable solution, as long as you don’t mind the plastic build and the issues in the fittings of the mod.