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SouthBeach Smoke Electronic Cigarettes Coupon Codes – 2014

Save 25% off Starter Kits – Ongoing through June




SouthBeach Smoke does not offer the traditional type coupon codes at check out, and instead offer a rotation of monthly offers, giving their customers a new deal all the time, ensuring you get the most of your money on all your purchases.

About SouthBeach Smoke Electronic Cigarettes

SouthBeach Smoke is a sister company of Eversmoke, but Eversmoke qualifies as the small brother. Southbeach Smoke offers a variety of devices from the same design as Eversmoke e-cigarettes to eGo and advance vaporizers. They remain one of the top selling brands to date. If their line of creative mouth-watering flavors is not enough for you, they give you the opportunity to create your own blend.

SouthBeach offers constant specials, cheap re-fill options and reward points on every purchase to keep their loyal fan base happy. If you’re looking for the option to upgrade to compact vaporizers, SouthBeach is worth checking out.


25% Off the SouthBeach Smoke E-Liquid Blend of the Month!

June – Summer Tea!
Just in time for hot sunny days, SouthBeah is offering the 30ml bottle of Summer Tea e juice blend. The sweet lemony taste of iced tea in vapor, we like that! As soon as we receive our bottle, we will add a small review.

Past Flavors:

April – Creamsicle!
This is one of the flavors I’ve been most eager to try as I have very fond memories of many a creamsicles on hot summer days! Whether I was lounging around in my own backyard or sitting in a beautiful piazza in Rome, it seems that some of my best memories involving relaxing and enjoying a creamsicle. I was skeptical that this blend would be able to live up to expectations but I was pleasantly surprised! This tasty blend comprised of one shot of Orange crush mixed with one shot Vanilla makes for sweet treat I particularly love to have with desert! While this is certainly not an everyday flavor I’ll be keeping around a container or two of these for those hot summer days!
25% off the SouthBeach Smoke Cartridge Flavor of the Month!

25% Off the SouthBeach Smoke Cartridge Flavor of the Month!

June – Double Apple Hookah!
For those familiar with hookah smoking, you know how tasty those fruit tobacco blends can be, now you can have the vapor alternative with the Double Apple Hookah blend in cartridge format. The 5 pack is offered at 25% discount this month and a perfect time for you to indulge.

Past Flavors:

April – Vanilla!
What more can really be said about good ole’ Vanilla? For many it’s the go to flavour!

On Going Promotions:

20% off cartridge, 10% off E-Liquids, and Lifetime Replacement on all parts

By enrolling in South Beach Smoke’s Home Delivery program you stand to Save 20% on all cartridge refills, 10% on all E-Liquid purchases, and are automatically granted their lifetime replacement warranty!

20% off all Starter Kits

With this promotion you can save 20% on all South Beach starter kits! One piece of advice I like to give to those trying to give up cigarettes is to consider getting a friend to quit along with you. Having someone you have to answer to can have a profound effect on your chances of successfully quitting smoking. More than that, you should not underestimate the relief of having someone to lean on in your moment of weakness or the sweetness of having someone to share your success with! The “Deluxe Couples Kit Combo” which includes 2 deluxe starter packs is perfectly suited for this purpose.

70% off Disposables

Not quite sure about the whole E-cig thing yet? Well, South Beach is willing to help you make an informed decision. If you’re not ready for one of the starter kits just yet you can try out some of South Beach Smoke’s disposable packs at a 70% discount! Now you can’t expect the same experience as the more advanced units but it may be just the thing nudge those on the fence toward a healthier alternative.

30 Day, Money Back guarantee

South Beach Smokes has made it clear; customer service is priority #1! With this in mind they’ve created their 30 day, money back guarantee. If you are unhappy with your product for any reason they will provide a full refund minus any shipping and handling.

Sobe Point Program

SouthBeach is very thankful to all their customers and wanted to do something special to reward you for choosing South Beach. As such, they’ve set up the Sobe Loyalty program which can help save even more! For every dollar spent you will receive 1 Sobe Loyalty Point. 200 points gets you 20$ to spend on future purchases. There are also several other ways to receive extra points such as liking them on Facbook or signing up for the Home Delivery Program.

How do I redeem my Discounts?

Just click on the links above! All links above will show you the way to discount opportunities! If there is a promo code instead of a link then simply shop normally, and on the third page of the checkout screen you should see an entry field for promo code. Don’t forget to check here often as we are always working with our partners to find you the best prices and discounts available!

Why SouthBeach?

South Beach Smokes is among the most trusted brands in the world of e-cigs and vaporizers and with good reason. They field quality products and have earned a reputation as industry leaders in terms of technology and innovation. They are constantly pushing the envelope to create a better vaping experience for their users. This can easily be seen in the South Beach Smoke Air which provides a superior vaping experience. Their vast selection of blends and flavours along with custom blends based on your specifications give South Beach the best selection of flavours available! They feature starter kits in various shapes and sizes with a large assortment of accessories. The variety of packages is sure to appease the price conscious and accessory junky alike!