XTAR VC2 Battery Charger Review

My trusty old generic charger died 3 months ago, so I began looking for a replacement right away. I did a quick search and comparison among several battery charges on several popular vape sites, and I decided to give the XTAR VC2 Battery Li-ion battery charger a try because of the good feedback it has received from fellow forum members.
When I opened the box and got all the contents out, I immediately noticed that the package only had a USB cord to attach the charger to an external power source. So I plugged the USB cord to my existing Samsung wall plug and was greeted by a tachometer style LCD panel that shows 3 clocks for the input power and 2 battery bay details. My old charger only had a red light that turned green to indicate that my batteries were fully charged so having an LCD screen on the XTAR VC2 was a cool sight to behold. Their clocks would move and point to the charge level of the battery it was charging.



Beautiful blue LCD screen showing “FULL”.

The XTAR VC2 charger package came with a carrying pouch, a standard mini usb cord, manual and a warranty card.


Pouch, charger and warranty card.

The battery compatibility chart on the box shows the following battery sizes;
10440; 14500; 14650; 16340; 17670; 18350; 18490; 18500; 18650; 18700; 22650; 26650, most of which I haven’t seen and heard of before today. The XTAR VC2 charger is also capable of charging monster sized 26650 beefy batteries. 2 sliders take care of making sure that batteries make good connection on the positive and negative sides.


Compatible battery sizes

These numbers can be very confusing so here’s how we can read these numbers.

For an 18350 battery, the first 2 digits (18) stands for the diameter in millimeters and the last 3 digits (350) is the total length of the battery. “18mm” is the diameter and the length is “350mm”.

The 2 bays on the XTAR VC2 charger independently charges each battery and has a tachometer that shows real time battery charge. You can charge different sized batteries at the same time without any issues. A neat feature too is that the charger will shut off power to one bay if the battery is fully charged at 4.2 volts.


18650 and 18350 batteries charging at the same time

There are no physical buttons on this charger so you only need to slap on your battery and wait for it to charge fully. Having a mini usb plug means that I can even charge on the go with a power bank, or car USB plug. The input shows 5volts or 1.0 Amp as seen on the photo below.


1A input

When I charged my 18650 LG Choco battery, I noticed that it took about an extra hour for the XTAR VC2 charger to get it to from 3.4 volts to 4.2 volts. I thought it was because I was not using a strong USB plug, but when I checked amperage of my Samsung plug, it was rated at 2 amps. Since this is an intelligent charger, it detects the input power and only puts out a maximum power of 0.5 mAH per battery slot.
This charger and USB cord does not heat up during use and I even suspected at first that my batteries were not fully charged because they were still cool to the touch. Not having your batteries heat up will definitely extend the life of your precious batteries. However, we don’t recommend leaving on your batteries after they are fully charged and always try to be in the same room whenever you are charging your batteries.

I wish future upgrades to this charger includes an OEM USB plug. Having this plug will not make the price of the XTAR go up significantly, but will make it a more complete product. Also, a setting for quick charging is definitely welcome.

Overall, I’d recommend this charger to any vaper that is looking for an affordable intelligent charger that can charge a slew of different battery sizes and as XTAR says, bring back dead batteries back to life. Happy vaping everyone!


Box and XTAR VC2 charger.


XTAR VC2 with an LG Choco 18650 battery.