EGO-T E-Cigarette Review – Still Worth It?

It’s been over a couple of years now that we have seen varied Ego batteries hit the market. Often branded with letters such as the Ego-T and the Ego-C, these first generation batteries helped set the stage for the standard vaporizers that we see today.

Recently, I had a look at more recent and cutting edge Ego models, and I was asked about the Ego-T. I have used the Ego-T and the latest updated Ego-T2 for a long time. I like it, and unlike the Ego-C, the T2 is case that carries a battery inside, rather than the Ego-C case being the battery in itself. I mostly used Joyetech’s Ego devices, but many clones and other branded names exist.

Being that the Ego-T has twice the power of an Ego-C, it easily lasts a whole day, so you won’t have to carry around the battery charger. If compared to an Ego-C or the twist version, you better bring your usb cable, or two batteries, if you need a full day of operation.

As far as vaping experience, I’ll be honest and say that it does perfectly fine. Comparing a more recent Ego vaporizer vs. an Ego-T vs. an Ego-C Twist for example, the main difference of the vape really depends on the tank you’re using and if it requires more power. A prime example is using a ViVi Nova tank, does better on a bigger Ego-T battery than Ego-C’s, while  CE4 clearomizer tanks or CE5 tanks do better on an Ego-C sized battery. Bigger tanks require a bit more battery to run optimally.


Other than that. it’s really hard to tell the difference between these various Ego, but worth noting that the Ego-C Twist allows you to adjust the battery power, making it easier to personalize it to your taste, and match with various clearomizer tanks.

People looking to reduce or switch from smoking to vaping, often come across Ego-T or Ego-C devices for cheap. I say go for it, you can take your time and read reviews for more expensive devices down the line, to ensure you buy something you like.

More Battery Options

With the latest Ego-T2, you can upgrade to 1000-11000mAh and also utilize usb-pass through power, so you can vape while charging.

All Ego Models Fit 510 Threaded Tanks

As far as tank compatibility goes, you don’t have to be concerned about Ego-T ecigs being so old that you can’t find tanks for them. The industry has adopted universal 510 Ego threads for all tanks to be interchangeable. With that said, as mentioned above, matching the best tank with your battery is key to a great vaping experience. You can still find plenty of vendors offering Ego and Ego-T specific tanks as well, so you could rest assured that choice and customization is not an issue.

Ego-T or Ego-C Still Worth It?

As I already affirmed, I wouldn’t deter someone from buying one, but I would recommend the Ego-C twist over the original C. As far as the Ego-T or T2 goes, it’s just a basic battery case that allows you to attach tanks, there’s nothing special about it, but nothing terribly bad about it either.

After testing a few of my old Ego batteries, I remembered that after these few years, nothing revolutionary has changed, and the better vaporizers seem to be the ones that have the best engineering behind building quality stable battery and tank combos and produce balanced vapor on every hit. Heavy smokers should look into variable power vaporizers, and smaller Ego e-cigarettes can sometimes lack the required throat hit.