Aspire Nautilus X Review

The latest version of the Aspire Nautilus follows the standard of good quality that was set by the original version of this tank, but it offers improvements that will make your experience more enjoyable. In this review, we will find out what makes the Nautilus X different and why it is an option that will please fans of mouth-to-lung vaping.


Presentation is a strong point for Aspire and you can expect good design and high quality from all its products. The packaging of the Nautilus reflects the effort that the company puts on all its creations to ensure that customers enjoy a good experience. Apart from offering simple, yet good looks, the new version of the Nautilus features some changes that we are very glad to see implemented. For instance, the o-ring can be removed now, which means that there won’t be traces of all the e-liquids you previously vaped, which was the main complaint about the old rubber insulator.

With the Nautilus X, you get the tank, two 1.5 ohm Kanthal coils, an additional Glass Tank section and s Smoked Glass Tank Section was also included with the limited edition. The Nautilus X is very small and it is even shorter than other devices in the same category. Its compact size makes it very convenient, but it also means that its capacity is only 2ml. While it would be good to get a larger capacity to be able to vape for longer, the good thing about the Nautilus is that it doesn’t consume as much e-liquid as a sub ohm tank would.

The device uses U-tech, a new technology that allows the air to flow down one side of the coil, until it goes through the other side in a U-shape, before it gets to the mouthpiece. Each coil can reach up to 22W. The appearance of the coils of the Nautilus X is very similar to that of the original Nautilus coils. The main difference is that you have to screw them to the top and not to the base as with the original version. Filling the tank is incredibly easy and it is very unlikely that you experience any leaks because the airflow comes form two small holes located at the top. If you don’t overfill it, you won’t have any issues. The airflow controller is not very easy to find, but it delivers better results than previous units like the Nautilus Mini. Even if you use it wide open, you can get powerful mouth-to-lung experience. Aspire has managed to get the right balance to deliver a great hit.


The Nautilus delivers a good amount of vapor, without being overwhelming. You can use it at lower temperatures and still get a satisfying experience. With the 1.5 ohm coils, the battery can last you almost a whole day. Thanks to the U-tech system and the advanced design of the unit, you can enjoy a strong and highly enjoyable flavor experience. Another aspect that makes the Nautilus X better than the original one, is the fact that it can be cleaned completely without issues and you will be able to get a clean, fresh taste every time.

As previously mentioned, filling the Nautilus is extremely easy and leakage should not happen unless you overfill the tank. One thing that you should note is that the mouthpiece may get hot at about 20W when you are taking long puffs. To avoid this, you can take shorter, regular draws at 15W. The fact that the Nautilus is light, small and that it delivers great vapor and flavor makes it a great option for use on the go. It offers durability, ease of use and it provides an amazing experience with VG blends. If you keep it below 22W, you will get the right amount of heat to enjoy a great vaping session.


The Nautilus X offers an enhanced vaping experience and it offers many advantages over the original version of the device. Its elegant, slim design makes it a good option for use on the go. It also offers better airflow (although it can be tricky to find it) and powerful mouth-to-lung performance. Filling the Nautilus is very easy and it work very well with 70 to 80% high VG liquid. The downside is the small capacity of just 2ml, but at least it doesn’t burn the liquid too quickly. It is also important to keep in mind that it is advisable to keep it below 22W to prevent that the drip overheats. In general the advantages exceed the downsides and the Nautilus X is a very good purchase and you can get it for less than $30.