Joyetech Delta 2 Sub Ohm Tank Review

The Delta II was received with a lot of praise upon its release, even when there is already a high number of sub ohm tanks in the market. With all the options available, it can be difficult to decide which is the right one for your needs. However, many people are recommending the Delta II due to its good set of features. This sub ohm tank offers an e-liquid capacity of 3.5ml and it comes with an RBA atomizer that gives you the possibility of rebuilding your own coils. It is ideal for higher wattage devices as it supports 20 to 45 watts. You can adjust the flow of e-juice using the atomizer head, thanks to the liquid valve controller. Those who prefer direct lung inhales will enjoy the thick cloud of vapor produced by 5 sub ohm coils. The kit comes with the Delta II atomizer tank, two LVC 0.5ohm atomizer heads and one mouthpiece. We’ll go through more features of this sub ohm tank in this review.


The stainless steel casing gives the Delta II a striking appearance and it also offers protection for the tank, making it more resistant to accidental drops. Unfortunately, there is a downside and that is that it is very difficult to see how much e-liquid is left. You may be able to see through the small windows, but it is not an easy task and it may even safe to say that it is practically impossible. Although some people would not mind this too much and would not consider it as a design flaw, some may find it frustrating since it won’t allow them to see if the e-liquid is almost over.

Another issue is that the tank is that filling the tank is not exactly easy and you will need a needle tip for the e-liquids. The space between the sides of the tank and the chimney is small, making things complicated when it comes to filling the tank with dripper e-liquid bottles. While it can be a bit frustrating, it is not a reason to avoid this tank altogether. One of the best things about the Delta II is its juice flow control. This feature allows you to limit the juice flow with good precision when you are using higher PG e-liquids, which will prevent over-wicking and even leaks.

You can set the juice flow to a lower setting and if you prefer mouth inhale. you can shut down the airflow as well as the juice flow. This is a unique feature that sets the Delta II apart from other sub ohm tanks out there. Although the airflow may seem too narrow, the truth is that it is not and there is one hole on each side, which lets in a lot of air when the widest setting is chosen. There is another good aspect that deserves to be highlighted and that is the fact that the Delta II doesn’t have a loud crackling sound, which you may get from sub tanks.


The Delta 2 offers good performance at a higher wattage than the Subtank. You can get the best results at 30W or 40W. You can also use it at 50 or 60W without major issues. Users of the Delta II will also note that the vapor production is cooler than with the subtank, even when it is at the highest wattages. If you are not a fan of warm vapor, you will enjoy the cool temperature that the Delta II supports. The drip tip doesn’t get too hot thanks to the good insulation. The vapor production is fantastic and the flavor is very enjoyable, even when you reach up to 50W.

The wicking material is a mixture of organic cotton and a high temperature woven wick, made out of artificial mineral fiber. The idea is that it keeps the cotton protected from dry hits and while it gets the job done, there are some concerns regarding the safety of the material. If the fibers break off, there is a risk that they may be inhaled. The woven wick comes apart easily and it is in direct contact with the coil, which may put off many people. However, when it comes to wicking, it is unlikely that you have any issues, not even with max VG liquids.

It should be noted that there is no RBA included and while this may not be a problem for many people, some may not be too happy about having to spend extra on the RBA deck. In order to get the most out of the Delta II, it is advisable to use it with a device that is capable of reaching higher wattages. It works very well at 30W, but if you really want to have the freedom to put the Delta II to the test, it is better to use it with a device that can go up to 50 or 60W.


Compared to other sub ohm tanks, the Delta II matches and even exceeds the quality of other options available. Although there are some minor flaws like the fact that it is not possible to see how much liquid is left, the major issue for many would be the woven wick material. For many users, the idea of material that crumbles easily and that could result on small particles being vaped, is quite frightening. That being said, Joyetech is a reliable manufacturer and it is unlikely that there are any safety issues with the Delta II. However, a lot of vapers would prefer 100% organic cotton coils. If this is not a major concern for you, the Delta II is a good choice for higher wattage devices and it will impress you with its juice flow control and cooler vapor.