Cloupor Mini Box Mod review

Chinese manufacturer Cloupor has created popular box mods like the T6 and T8, and it is also behind the Cloupor Mini 30W box mod. It is possible to find this portable mod for around $30. The kit comes with one Cloupor Mini Box mod, one USb charger, four spare magnets for the battery cover, one mini screwdriver, three spare screws for the 510 adjustable pin and a instructions manual. It should be noted that the kit doesn’t include a battery so you will need to get an 18650 one. The Cloupor Mini offers output power of 7W to 30W and its output voltage is between 3.6V and 7V. It supports variable voltage and variable wattage. It is compatible with 0.45-3.0 Ohm coils and it comes with an Ohm reader accurate to 0.01 ohm.


The Cloupor Mini as you can expect given its name, its incredibly small in size. It is actually very tiny and it is probably the smallest mod of its kind. In spite of its size, it can work with a larger 18650 battery than what other small mods can. Its made with a high standard of quality and it feels like a durable, solid device. Its strong stainless steel built is combined with a a great finish that makes it not only appealing, but also comfortable to hold, in spite of the fact that it is a but heavier than other mods that have a similar size. The Clouper does feel like a fine, good quality mod and it is priced reasonably.

The battery lid is attached by little magnets and it doesn’t look like anything you may have seen in other devices. All you need to do is to slide it down and then pull it off, it is easy and gives you quick access to the battery. This is a plus for any user who wants to change batteries on a regular basis and makes things convenient if you like to switch between devices.


Since the Cloupor Mini can go from 3 Ohms to 0.45 Ohms, it works with most of the sub ohm tanks that have been recently launched. The Cloupor can also go from 7W to up to 30W, which is set to provide a great experience for most vapers. In addition, the 510 connection is fully adjustable and the mod offers reverse battery protection. You can vape the Cloupor Mini while it is charging thanks to its pass-through functionality. It is possible to lock or turn off the Cloupor Mini completely. It is possible to charge the device via micro USB while the battery is inside. The over-charge protection will keep the mod safe.

One of the best aspects of the Cloupor Mini is its display, which is very easy to use. You can see all the information that you need including the resistance (in ohms) of the atomizer you have, the wattage, the battery life and the voltage. In addition, it has an extra decimal place for Ohmage and Voltage and it displays it to the closest 0.01 ohm or Volt. The buttons are firm, yet easy to click. To turn off the device, you need to press the fire button five times. It is also possible to invert the screen by pressing the fire and the plus button simultaneously. In order to lock your current wattage or voltage setting, you need to hold the plus and minus buttons at the same time. You can switch between wattage and voltage modes by pressing the fire button along with the minus button.


Although overall the Cloupor Mini is a high quality device, it comes with some disadvantages. It doesn’t have a spring loaded pin and although this may not be a big issue, it would be handy to include it as it will save you the hassle of having to fiddle with the screwdriver in order to adjust the pin when you are switching tanks. Some vapers have reported a slight delay from the moment you press the fire button until the device actually starts firing. This shouldn’t be a significant deal since the delay is practically unnoticeable.

One thing to keep in mind is that in the past, Cloupor faced issues when some devices melted while being charged with a USB, using a laptop. Apparently, the meltdown was caused by an overheated board. The company stated that issue only affected about 0.2% of all the Cloupors made and it was caused by a batch of faulty devices. New devices should not be affected by this issue, but Cloupor advised users to try the following in order to check if their device is part of the bad batch or not: you can simply hold down the fire button with an atomizer on top and check if the screen says ” too hot” after only 15 seconds. If this happens to you while testing, you can contact Cloupor and they will likely send you a new device.


The Cloupor Mini is a fantastic device that gives you high quality, good performance and practical features. Considering everything that it offers and its low price, it is an option that allows you to enjoy great value for money. The flaws are really insignificant compared to all the benefits that it offers. For less than $30, you get a device that can fire up to 30W and it is compatible with the new Sub Ohm tanks. The Cloupor Mini is a high quality mod that will impress new and experienced vapers alike.