Revolver Atomizer Tank Review – 2 E-Liquid Flavors At Once

So, the e-cigarette system has pretty much hit a certain plateau of innovation, and new things aren’t coming out every other month anymore, but that doesn’t mean no one’s pushing the envelope, and the Revolver tank is a perfect example.

The Revolver Atomizer Tank, manufactured by Totally Wicked E-liquid, brings something new to the table. You can now fill two different kinds of e-liquid at once, and quickly switch between the two, or go as far as combining them So, it’s not revolutionary, or a ground-breaking improvement, but for those who usually carry a couple tanks/vaporizers around just to have a bit of variety, they can now enjoy even more, all while opening a huge door of possibilities in terms of combining new tastes.

The Tank’s Performance

The dual tank contains two isolated chambers allowing for easy filling of two different flavors or strengths of your choice, as well as two separate 2.4ohm atomizer heads. That means that whether or not you combine the flavors, the e-liquids never mix, or use the same atomizer. This way, the tank does not create any weird after-taste or unwanted irreversible combinations.

Alternating between the two is as easy as a twist of a dial, utilizing a mechanical rotary selector, adding a quality feel to the hardware.

Compared to other tank atomizers, this one is fairly large in size, 25mm wide and 60mm long without the mouthpiece, so yes, it’s pretty big. But, the size allows you to keep 3.5ml of e-liquid per chamber, for a total of 7 ml of two different e-liquids of your choice.


The Revolver costs a bit more than other tanks, about $42.99. But given the fact that this device is so new, and offers an option that you can’t get any other way, it’s to be expected that it won’t be very cheap.

This Revolver also comes with a drip tip and three 2.4 ohm atomizer heads, the two are meant to be installed immediately and one is a spare. The atomizer heads are inserted into the bottom of the tank, and the fill-holes for the two different tanks are set right beside the spots for them.

But the one downside to this revolver is that when you use both of the tanks together, for the purpose of mixing up the flavors,it splits the resistance in two, and that might consequently cause some difficulties to the VV/VW mods. But a lot of e-Cig users are more than happy to fire a 1.2 ohm setup.

Overall, this tank is really cool, and may spell the future direction of e-cigarette tanks for the year 2015.