CE4 Clearomizer Tank Review

A great vaping experience starts with an electronic cigarette’s performance, which in turn depends on a good atomizer. It is that part that transforms the liquid inside the cartridge into a vapor you can inhale and savor. A good-performing mouthpiece translates into a dense vapor, good nicotine hit, and rich flavor.

One innovation that came into the market is a version called “cartomizer,” which in reality is a cartridge and atomizer in one. Clearomizer is a type of cartomizer that is clear or transparent; instead of having a metal or hard plastic casing, however, it has a thinner, breakable plastic.

If you don’t want to do a “trial and error” on various atomizers, cartomizers and clearomizers in the market, you can go for CE4 Clearomizer. It would be smart to know more about it; here are some of the things you need to know about it.


clear v3Design and Features:

  • E-Liquid Tank Capacity: 1.6 ml
  • Atomizer Ohm Resistance: 2.4 to 2.7 Ω
  • Length: 2.9 inches
  • Diameter 0.55 inches
  • Weight: 15 grams (empty)

Clearomizer CE4 usually comes in eGo kits. It has a top coil feeder with long (or short) wicks drooping to the bottom. This makes this clearomizer easy to clean, which is important to do when changing flavors.  For a good vaping experience, however, taking the clearomizer apart is usually not recommended. Unlike CE5eGo Clearomizer, CE4s are not “rebuildable.”

With a see-through tank, vapers can easily see the level or quantity of the e-liquid in the tank so you would know exactly when to refill.With1.6ml –capacity tanks, it can hold enough e-liquid that allows you to use it for a longer time without refilling.

The drip tip or mouthpiece easily screws on and off keeping it secured most of the time. This part has a silicone cap that seals the upper portion of the CE4 preventing leakage. The silicon cap comes with the air tube in one piece or in separate pieces depending on the model.

CE4 comes in numerous color variants.  It is already available in long and short wicks. Its dimensions (length of 74mm, diameter of 14mm and single weight of 15g) and sleek conical design allow it to seamlessly match eGo style batteries and other devices.

Battery Compatibility:

CE4 Clearomizer is aesthetically and functionally compatible with eGo batteries – eGo/eGo-T/eGo-C depending on manufacturer combo – which is why it is often sold in a kit with an eGo battery. The amount of devices using eGo compatible threads is vast.

Make mental note that it does not match 510/510-T types of batteries and the TGo CE4. The latter shows similarities with CE4 in appearance and price you may easily make a mistake.

Filling Instructions:

One good thing you can credit CE4 clearomizer with is the fact that it is easy to fill. Here’s how:

  • Unscrew the drip tip and fill up the chamber directly from the bottle without using a needle cap.
  • Avoid getting the e-liquid through the middle hole; this is intended for aiflow.
  • After filling the chamber (with about 1.6ml of e-fluid) screw the drip tip back.
  • Give the top coil enough time – about a couple of minutes – to take up enough e-liquid before use.

ce4-3Be Warned About:

There is little complaint about it except for the possible burnt taste that you may get from it. It can happen for several reasons:

  • It is already dead or burnt upon arrival. Make sure to buy from credible suppliers or retail stores that can provide you with a warranty.
  • You have vaped too soon. You can avoid the ‘dry hits” by following the filling instruction. This means the wick gets enough e-fluid or before vaping. You must also keep the wick wet by ensuring there is always at least 0.5ml of e-fluid in the chamber.
  • Check out the voltage you used. Vaping at high voltage (4.5V or higher) can cause this burnt taste. Shift to lower voltage; recommended is between 3.0 and 3.5.

A possible second complaint is about clearomizers in general. The thin plastic casing has the tendency to easily break. Sooner or later, depending on use and length of usage, it will crack and break leaving you with messy oil nicotine in your hands. The technique is to know the average lifespan, considering your intensity or level of use, and change it before it expires. Intense use can give it an average of 2-week lifespan.

Where to Buy

CE4 Clearomizers are quite affordable at a few dollars apiece. Prices are variable depending on the maker, the quality and the volume of your online order. Apollo offers various vape kits including superior eGo kits that come with CE4 clearomizer, but they also offer a large array of tanks.



Clearomizers are a clear breakthrough from the atomizers and cartomizers. It is supposed to give vapers a great, clean tasting vape with little fuss being maintenance free. Clearly, its biggest advantage is not having polyfill filling that makes it see-through to easily see atomizing firsthand and to keep an eye if refill is already needed. Its disadvantage is having an easy-to break plastic casing and the burnt taste it produces with dry hits; both can be addressed as you get used to the product.

There are many choices out there in the market you can easily get confused so make sure you are getting what you paid for. For instance, Stardusts is not a fancy name for CE4 Clearomizers; it is a different product.