Aspire Atlantis Sub Ohm Tank Review

While Aspire has released a second (and improved) version of the Atlantis, it is still worth taking a look at the original version of this sub ohm tank that innovated the market thanks to its unique performance. The coil in the Atlantis tank offers the possibility of vaping at less than 1 ohm and vaping at this lower resistance allows the tank to deliver strong vapor production and to get more flavor out of their e-liquids. Before we focus on what the Atlantis offers, it is important to note that sub ohm tanks are only recommended for experienced users. If you haven’t started in the world of sub ohm vaping, the experience will result complicated and even risky since you really need to know what you are doing with these devices.


When you get the Aspire Atlantis, you get the tank, which includes one 0.5 ohm coil, one replacement pyrex glass tube and one 0.5 ohm replacement coil/atomizer. It is possible to find the original Aspire Atlantis online for less than $30. The Aspire Atlantis is made out of stainless steel and its design is simple and elegant. The device is compact and it will fit a wide selection of mech mods. The Atlantis is also lightweight and it features a large, removable drip tip at the top.

Given the small size and sleekness of the Aspire, the tank’s capacity is limited to 2ml, which can be too little for many users. Since it produces big clouds of vapor and consumes a lot of e-liquid, the tank will need to be refilled quite often. The good news is that customers have the option of getting a larger replacement tank that offers up to 5ml. Although it is longer than the default option, it will fit perfectly fine.

How easy to use is it?

As advised, the Atlantis (and any other sub ohm tank) are not ideal for users who are fairly new to the world of vaping. If you have previous experience with this type of devices, you will find that the Atlantis is very easy to use and that it delivers impressive vapor production, without having to rebuild your coils or add e-juice very often. If you are familiar with the way sub ohm tanks are operated, you won’t have any issues using the Atlantis. Just attach it, fill it with e-liquid and get ready to enjoy a great vaping experience. Allow a minute for the wick to absorb the e-liquid and you will be able to enjoy an RDA like vaping session, but in a more practical way.

How does it work?

You can take the Aspire Atlants apart completely and attach the coils without hassle. It should be noted that since the coils are larger than the Nautilus coils, you won’t be able to use the old coils on the Atlantis. The coils are designed to let the liquid flow better, which allows it to deliver a lot of vapor and an intense flavor experience. The air flow system is very similar to the one available with the Aspire Nautilus and you can choose between 4 different air flow holes. The last one has a considerable size and offers massive clouds of vapor. It is possible to re-build the coils, which can help you to save money since you won’t need to buy atomizers on a regular basis. The tank is solid and it is very unlikely that you experience any leaks.

Vapor Production and Flavor

One of the highlights of the Aspire Atlantis is without a doubt its vapor production. It will allow you to enjoy an experience close to an RDA. The flavor is also outstanding, so overall, your vaping experience will be very enjoyable. The Atlantis offers rich flavor, particularly with VG liquids. However, as we previously noted, the 2ml tank and the fact that the Atlantis uses a lot of liquid, means that you will run out of it very quickly. If you use the tighter airflow options available, you will notice that the vapor is warmer. Although it doesn’t get extremely hot, it is advisable that you opt for a wider airflow option to let more air get to the coil.

What makes it unique?

With the launch of the Atlantis, Aspire revolutionized clearomizers and it introduced sub ohm vaping to a wider audience. The Atlantis has attracted the attention of many users thanks to the fact that it allows them to enjoy the vaping experience that RDA and RBA devices offer, but it makes things easier. You don’t need to build your own coils or go through all the process required by RDAs and RBAs, which can be a bit of a hassle. With the Atlantis, you can enjoy the same intense, powerful vaping but without complications.


The Aspire Atlantis is a high quality tank that brings you an RDA/RBA experience without the complications associated to that technology. Its design is convenient and lightweight and it suits mech mods and mini box mods. The performance is excellent and you won’t come across leaks. The main downside of the Atlantis is the limited capacity of the tank, but luckily, Aspire addressed this by offering a replacement tank that is larger. While it is sold separately, this is a good option to ensure that you can vape for longer. Since the Atlantis consumes a high amount of e-liquid, it may not be the ideal option for extended use, but its remarkable vapor production and rich flavor make it a great option for fans of sub ohm vaping.