Best Sub Ohm Tanks

Sub Ohm Tanks are also known as Sub Ohm Clearomizers, Sub Ohm Clearo Tanks or Sub Tanks. In general, sub ohm tanks are atomizer tanks that have a coil resistance (or combined resistance in the case of multiple coils) of less than 1.0 ohm. They feature a factory, pre-made atomizer head that can be removed and that contains a coil or coils. The wicking material can be attached to the base of the tank and it is possible to replace it with a new head. Sub Ohm Clearo Tanks have been upgraded since they appeared in the market and dripping atomizers where the initial models available.

Factory-built clearomizers were introduced shortly after clearomizer tanks started to be used. Then we got non-disposable tanks with removable heads that could be replaced and eventually, sub ohm technology gained notoriety in the industry. It changed vaping by increasing vapor production and providing a more intense experience through its ultra low resistance. Aspire and Kanger were the first manufacturers to produce sub ohm tanks, but nowadays it is possible to find a vast amount of options. Sub Ohm tanks can customize their experience by choosing between the variety of features supported by the units that are available in the market.

In this list, you will find high quality sub ohm tanks that will allow you to enjoy a fantastic vaping experience. Before getting started, it is important to mention a few things that will help you to fully enjoy the performance your sub ohm tanks. Prior to using the tank for the first time, it is advisable to prime the coil head. You will need to drip a few drops of e-liquid into the coils and wicks. This will prevent the cotton wick from burning. It is also advisable to break the coil head gradually, starting by firing at low wattage. Increase the power slowly to prepare the coil and ensure that it gets ready to offer optimal vaping results.

While some companies aim to create vaping tanks that feature long-lasting coil heads, there are no definitive solutions available at the moment. As such, it is very important to replace the coil head whenever needed. If you notice that the flavor is not as intense as it used to be, or if the taste is not good, you may need to change the head. In order to verify that the coil head has to be changed, it is advisable to check it whenever you are going to check the sub ohm tank. If you see that the wicking material is black, it should be replaced. Advanced vapers with rebuilding skills may also consider rebuilding the coil heads. This can help to save money and will also give you greater control over your vaping. Finally, remember that it is always a good a idea to keep tissues or paper towels nearby in case of any accidental e-liquid leaks. Without further ado, here is our list of the best sub ohm tanks available in the market.

Aspire Cleito

Given that Aspire was the first manufacturer to offer a sub ohm tank, you can expect high quality from the Cleito. Aspire shows off its experience creating amazing products with this affordable and sleek tank. With the Cleito, you will be able to enjoy delicious flavor and fantastic mid-power performance. The downside of the Cleito is that you need to be careful since the hot tap may get too hot.


If you are looking for a sub ohm tank that delivers impressive vapor production, this device created by SMOK is a fantastic choice. It provides a large selection of coils and intense, rich flavor. Apart from the variety of coils available, there is an RBA deck as well. The capacity of the TFV12 is 6ml, meaning that in terms of e-juice, it gives you more than previous versions like the TFV8.

Halo Reactor Tank

Easy to use, practical and available for a reasonable price, the Halo Reactor Tank is another great option when it comes to sub ohm vaping. It offers a capacity of 5 ml and thanks to its Reactor Mega technology, it delivers intense flavor and it will impress vapers who want huge clouds. The Halo Reactor Tank is stylish and designed to help you to prevent leaks. In addition, the e-liquid flavors are highly enjoyable.

Halo Reactor Mini

As you may have guessed, the Halo Reactor Mini allows you to enjoy the high quality of the Halo Reactor, but it is a smaller version that can be more convenient in many cases. If you prefer smaller vape mods, the Reactor Mini would be a perfect fit. Although it has less e-liquid capacity, it also offers amazing clouds and rich flavor.

Uwell Crown

Ubell Crown is a sub ohm clearomizer tank that offers multiple advantages. It provides fantastic performance and can be refilled easily. The high quality coils will last you for a long time and there is a broad range of wattage supported. It delivers up to 100 watts of power, but you can also expect good results when used at 50 watts. The Uwell Crown allows you to enjoy fantastic flavor.

Innokin Axiom

The Axiom by Innokin has a compact size and simple design. In spite of its small size, this sub ohm tank can give you great performance, particularly when used at 40 watts or less. It also offers a good capacity and it includes an RBA deck that supports single or dual builds. It is easy to use and convenient.

Geekvape Eagle

Although the hybrid design of the Eagle may not be suitable for beginners, the fact that it works both as an RTA and as a sub ohm clearo tank, makes it stand out from other devices. It comes with a great RBA deck and impressive Hand Built Coils (HBC). It offers an e-liquid capacity of 6ml and sleek design.

Sense Herakles Pro

The Herakles Pro by Sense is one of the best sub ohm tanks available in the market at the moment. The Herakles Pro is part of line of tanks created by Sense and it offers better coil heads than its predecessors. It work well for both direct-lung vaping and moth-to-lung vaping. It features larger e-liquid refill opening for top fill and 4.5 ml capacity. Its design is unique and its performance is very good.