HexOhm V2 by Craving Vapor Review

Unique design, vibrant colors and advanced colors are some of the features that you can get from the HexOhm V2 by Craving Vapor. While this 110w mod is no longer in production, you may still find some models available online and if you do, you will discover the advanced technology and powerful performance that it offers. The first thing that will catch your attention is the striking appearance of the HexOhm. It looks like a top technology gadget and the variety of colors available is great.If you get the chance to try this mod, you will be impressed with it. Here is more about the HexOhm V2 by Craving Vapor.

Presentation and Design

As already mentioned, the appearance of the HexOhm will capture your attention right from the start. The mod has a solid built and beautiful looks and its is compact so you can hold it comfortably. The logo is engraved in the middle and on the sides, giving it a seal of quality and even adding a futuristic appearance. The HexOhm V2 uses two 18650 batteries and it represents a significant improvement overt the original version. The first HexOhm was only capable of reaching a maximum of 50W. The HexOhm V2 can give you up to 110W thanks to the OKL-T20 Chip that it uses.

The mod itself is made from top quality aluminium with an impeccable finish that will remind you of the best modern smartphones. At 225g, the HexOhm V2 is solid, without being too heavy. Apart from being decorated with the HexOHm logo, the mod features a prominent button on the side, which you can replace if needed. On the top of the mod, you will see the VariTube 510 connection, which includes a spring loaded center pin that has four airflow grooves. The mod is designed to be compatible with a wide variety of tanks and you won’t have any issues fitting them. The firing button works really well and it is very easy, and even fun to click.

The battery door is completely magnetic and its kept in place by four earth magnets that ensure a seamless fit. The chip and circuits are at the top of the two 18650 battery slots and all the components are neatly organized to take full advantage of the inside space. The OKL-T20 chip offers up to 20Amp and allows you to vape as low as 0.3 Ohms, which should suit the majority of users. Each mod features a unique serial number and you will also find a small potentiometer that gives you the chance to adjust the power according to your needs. Overall, the design is attractive, functional and simple.


It is important to keep in mind that the HexOhm V2 is designed for vapers who have experience with Ohms and Amps. If you are a beginner, this mod wouldn’t be a suitable option for you. Although the HexOhm V2 features reverse battery protection, it won’t stop automatically when you use a build with less than 0.3 Ohms resistance, unlike other advanced personal vaporizers. This could lead to added stress on the board and may cause it to burn or wear out too soon. This is why it is important that you only consider using this mod if you know are a medium or advanced vaper.

In addition, it should be noted that there is no display available on the HexOhm V2 that allows you to check the current wattage or voltage. You will need to do this yourself by vaping and tasting the difference. To place a tank or atomizer on top of the mod, you will have to move the potentiometer all the way down and then make the necessary adjustments gradually as you tste the vapor to find your preferred setting. If you have previous experience and know what you are doing, you shouldn’t have any issues. However, if you are a beginner, you will struggle with the process.

Once you get used to it and get to adjust the power to your liking, you will enjoy great performance, thanks to the advanced chip. The vapor production is fantastic and you will get a rich, intense flavor. The battery life is also very good and ins spite of its small size, the HexOhm V2 delivers powerful performance.


The HexOhm V2 by Craving Vapor is a US made, impressive mod with a fantastic design. It is a mod that is going to impress medium and advanced vapers, thanks to its solid, powerful performance that allows you to get a very enjoyable vaping, as long as you know how to adjust it correctly. The batteries works very well, although at times you may struggle to open the battery door since the magnets are very strong. If you manage to get your hands on the HexOhm V2, you will discover a great mod that will take your vaping to the next level. You can still find it online for about $150 and it comes with a lifetime warranty.